July 26th – Magdalena Canal

July 26th 2022

Magdalena Canal

National Holidays: Monday, August 15th, San Martin Day

River Parana Draft Forecast:
Basis INA Report of July 25th and Depth Report of July 26th

River level is stable. Nevertheless, at this moment a rebound is expected during September.

River Parana Depth:
The River Channel authority reported on July 22nd an abrupt 40cm reduction of depth (now 9.40m formerly 9.80m) in a Bar downriver from San Nicolas affecting sailing draft from this port proportionally. There is a Dredger already working in the area to restore to the previous depth, it is yet uncertain how long the work will take.
It must also be considered that the water flow in the River is forecast to be stable (unchanged) until early September.
Please see thew graph above.

Railways in Argentina:
The Government has announced that commencing late 2023 all the railway tracks will revert to state control.
At the present time, the concessions awarded during the mid-90s had been complete. The awarded parties controlled railway tracks, locomotives and wagons for all freight services.
The new systems to be implemented will be similar to the “Open Access” applied in the European Union. Railway tracks will belong to the State and the private companies will pay a toll to use them.
Locomotives and wagons will remain with companies holding them.
Principal rail companies are NCA, belonging to ACA and AGD. Ferrosur, belonging to Camarago Correa, a cement company and FEXP belonging to Techint. There is also Belgrano Cargas which is State owned.
The aim is to return to a significant use of railways to move bulk cargoes, mainly grains into the ports and other products, such as crude oil from North Patagonia.

Magdalena Canal:
“Intellectual” lobbyists are still pressing for the opening of the Magdalena Canal. This will be an alternative route between Zona Común and the open sea. Please see the map below. Resources, always scarce, would be obtained from the tolls paid to AGP by vessels transiting the River Parana and River Plate. It is maintained that navigation will be shorter and maintenance cheaper. Vessels calling for completion at Southern ports (Bahia Blanca and Necochea) will be at an advantage.

Weather the rest of the week. Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:

Weather may be a little rough later this week, but no long interruptions are expected.

Will keep you posted.
Best regards,
Antares Servicios Maritimos S.A.

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