About us

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Our goal is to meet our clients’ expectations and requirements and to protect their interests in the most efficient and cost effective way. For this we strive to understand their specific needs by maintaining a close personal contact. Founded in 2003 and based in Buenos Aires, the company services all ports in Argentina and Uruguay. Antares is a leading shipping agency that has succesfully established its credentials locally and in the international market. The company offers professional shipping agency services in the River Plate and South Atlantic coast.

Quality Policy

Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance
ISO9001:2015 certification.

Ship Agents

  • Agency Services
  • Tramp
  • Project
  • Scientific / Antartic Expeditions
  • Navy Ships
  • Lightering Areas
  • Bunkering Operations

  • Towage, launch and mooring service contractors
  • Swift Feedback during Fixing
  • Flag Waivers
  • Proforma Port Expenses and Restrictions upon request
  • Crew change
  • Spare parts and other supplies clearance and delivery
  • Holds / Tanks Inspection Assistance

River Plate, Paraná, Atlantic and Patagonic ports