All vessels required berth bow out, unless special Coastguard permission to the contrary is given.
Entrance: Entrance is 133m wide.
Width: Widening works to 133 metres has been completed in about 200 metres from entrance; from there and up to the turning basin, wich is approximately 200 m wide x 387 m long.

East side :

Vessels no longer berth. In turning basin, vessels of LOA upto about 180 m eventually berth to load or discharge chemicals to Tagsa, Orvol tanks and pipelines.

West side. Exolgan Container Terminal:

Privately owned terminal, commenced operations March 1995.
Quay frontage 1.145 m, allowing 3 vsls to operate with Gantry cranes and 1 mobiles crane to operate feeders/barges. Plans are to extend the quay to 1400m.
Depth alongside: Reportedly 10,05-11,90 m at datum.
Maximum LOA: Vessels of 273 m have berthed.
Maximum beam: 42 m.


Dockside gantry container cranes (3×65/75 super post-panamax; 2×50/70 ton post Panamax; 3×45/50 ton). Plans are to incorporate another 2 super-post Panamax and various rtg’s.
CFS/Bonded warehouse: 13.000 sqm covered area permitting tailgate loading/discharging to/from trucks.
CY/CSA Capacity for 10.000 Units. Storage area part paved. Empty container yard for 6000 units.
CD Ample facilities for all empty container operations.

Reception And Distribution Center:

This consists of an area of 22 hectares with 36.000 sqm covered area warehousing for reception and stuffing of goods to be exported/stripping and delivery of imported cargo, prior to/after Customs intervention.


via Solis street, 6 gates, lanes: 12 (10 Exolgan, 2 Customs).


via Alberdi street, 7 gates, lanes 14 (Exolgan 10, Customs 4)



Railway Sidings:

Railway container terminal: 3 tracks, 1000 metres.


about 45 hectares plus 15 hectares for services and empty container storage.


(other than dockside gantry cranes) 30 Transtainers (RTG ´s) SWL 40 ton plus 13 Top loader container reach stackers SWL 40/45t 14 Fork lift trucks Various Trucks and container chassis

Reefer Plugs:


Fresh Water:

connected to quay.

Electric Power:

available from quay.

Computer System:

Terminal fully computerized including Navis SPARCS/EXPRESS software programs to support ships/terminal planning plus radio data link (LXE) connecting operations office with yard personnel. Direct María customs link. Intranet affording clients codified Access to their container movements.

ISO Certification:

Exolgán has an ISO 9002 certification for its quality control system and an ISO 14001 certification of its Environmental Management System.