(Multipurpose terminal)

Operators: Terminal 4 S.A. (APM Terminals)
Concession: 25 years as from 9th February 1995.
Extent: Basin C West and North sides plus adjacent area west of berths. Satellite container yard nearby on Av. R. Castillo.


Entrance: Calle Prefectura Naval Argentina (ex Av. Wilson).
Gates: 4 reversible.
Weighbridges: 1 scale with an additional weighbridge at Satellite yard on Av. R. Castillo.
RAILWAY SIDINGS: Berths connected to following national railway systems directly onto pier: N.C. Argentino/BAP, Roca, Ferrosur, Pampeano, Gral Urquiza (with transhipment) to/from BAP at Martín Coronado station, track gauge 1.67 mts ; and F.C. Belgrano, track gauge 1.00 mt.


Basin C Westside.
Length: 179+25 = 204 m. The 25 meters at the northern end is slightly angled and forms a right angle with C northside No 1 berth thereby facilitating bow-stern Ro-Ro operations at that berth.
(Height of quay 4.75 m above water level at datum)
Depth alongside: 10 m (33 ft).
Dockside jib cranes: 2×35 ton.
Basin C Northside.
Length: 495 m Depth alongside: 10 m (33 ft) at datum.
Stern-bow ramp facility
Condition quay/storage area: Quay wall reinforced/stabilized. Part of quay immediately adjacent to quay wall which used as conduit for FW pipes and electric cables repaired and repaved; otherwise no change to quay surface. To west of berths new container storage area paved and additional storage, parking space provided.
CONTAINER SERVICES: Bonded warehouse with 3.500 sqm covered area CFS.
CY/CSA. Paved, reinforced area for about 4.471 containers.
CD services available as required.
DELIVERY/RECEPTION FCL´S: adjacent vessel´s berth and CY.
LCL´s: From terminal CFS.


3 Container top loaders
12 reach stakers (full)
1×15 ton forklift trucks
1×12 ton forklift truck
1×7,5 ton forklift trucks
10×2,5 ton forklift trucks
24 forklift trucks (various tons, some electric)
9 Truck chassis
1 reach staker (empty) ,1 tophandler (empty), 3 EHS Brommaspreder, 1 Backhoe, 2 light truks
3 Liebherr 500 mobile harbor cranes max capacity 140 ton, 51 meters radius
1 Liebherr 600 mobile harbor crane max capacity 208 ton, 58 meters radius.

Reefer Plugs:

472 (+ 120 at EMCYM yard)

Fresh Water:

connected to quay.

Electric Power:

Available from quay.


Permanent mooring/unmooring service.