(Multipurpose terminal for containers, cars, general cargo, Ro-Ro and passenger vessel)
Operators: TRP: Terminales Río de la Plata (DP World, Latin American Infrastructure Fund and a number of international partners). Concession: 25 years as from November 1994.
Extent: All Basin A, Pierhead No. 2, Basin B , Pierhead number 3, Basin C southside, plus area immediately west of berths. Total quay line of 2,400 meters and 43 hectares.


Entrance: Via Ave. Quartino with forecourt parking for 110 trucks. Exit: Via Av. De los Inmigrantes: Gates: 7.
Weighbridge: 2×80 ton
Railway sidings: on westside of terminal
2×750 m of track including 150 m transference area.
Lines served: Ferrosur (Ex Roca)
BAP (EX San Martin)
NC Argentino
Gral Belgrano.


(Can operate ships up to LOA 340m)
Pier 1 (Ex Basin A, southside)
Length. 365 m. Quay for container, passenger vessels and general cargo operations.
Depth alongside 9,45-10 m at datum.
Cranes 1×35/40 ton Quayside Gantry crane (not operative).
Pier 2 (Ex Basin B, southside)
Length: 450 m.
Depth alongside: 10-10,65 m
4 quayside Gantry (Container) cranes 3×45 ton, plus 1×35 ton (not operative).
Additional Berths: (Ex Basin A northside -Sections 1 and 2)
Length: 235 m.
Depth alongside: 8,40-10 m at datum
Cranes: Nil
Berth 10: (Ex Basin B westside)
Length: 151 m.
Depth alongside: 9,40-9,60 m at datum.
Cranes: Nil Berth reserved for transshipment barge, feeder services.
Pier 3 (Ex Basin B Northside):
Length: 525 m
Berth B5 Open quay.
Berth B6 Open quay.
Berth B7 Open quay.
Depth alongside: 9,70 m at datum.
Cranes: Nil.
Pierhead Number 3 quay.
Length: 204 m
Depth alongside: 9,70 m at datum Cranes: Nil
Basin C Southside: Length: 680 m (3 berths). Quay for container operations and berth for cruise ships.
Depth alongside:9,70 m at datum. Cranes 1 super post-panamax container gantry crane, outreach 50 m, 66 ton; 2 P125L super Liebherr 50/60 ton SWL container gantry cranes, outreach 38 metres, hoist capacity containers 50 ton (Can lift 2x20x25 ton containers simultaneously) or 60 ton under hook with 35 m outreach. 1x post-panamax 66/65 Gantry Crane.

Condition Quays, Storage Areas:

Reconditioned and repaved to a high standard continues to be carried out.
Pier No. 2: CY/CSA. 7364 ground slots (TEUS full containers) alongside and adjacent areas; also 3 hectares storage area for abt. 3400 TEUS empty containers.
FCL´S. Directly from Terminal Container Yard
LCL´S. At Terminal CFS. and inland depot
Bonded area as well as storage for break bulk cargoes and vehicles. Covered area for reception general cargo and/or cars.
CD facilities as required available at terminal.
GCSA: 12.500 sqm for general cargo.
2 Gotwald Mobile Harbour Cranes (Panamax) SWL 35/57 ton
(100 ton SWL in tandem with 15 m outreach over quay)
2 Mi-ack travel lifts SWL 35 ton (RTG´s)
23 Transtainers (RTG´s)
1×35 ton Mobile Crane
5 Toploaders SWL 35 ton
Various forklifts 2,5/6 ton
Various Superstackers SWL 35 ton
Various con-stackers
Various Empty container handlers
Various yard tractors
Various Trailers

Reefer Plugs:


Computer System:

Terminal fully computerized, Navis-SPARCS system for ships-terminal planning and NAVIS EXPRESS in service. Radio Data Link (LXE) connecting operations office directly with yard personnel. Direct Maria Customs link.

Reefer Container Spares :

Complete stock principal makes maintained on premises.

Storage Details:

Ttl surface area – Customs controlled area – Non c.c area
Warehouses 12000 10000 2000
Open storage 80000 40000 40000
Totals 92000 50000 42000
Terminal delivery and reception hours include week-day till 2200 hrs and Saturday as normal working time for handling containers in and out.

Fresh Water:

On quay.


Permanent mooring/unmooring service.

Passenger Terminal:

Named “Benito Quinquela Martín” (famous painter of port scenes). Passengers/luggage are shuttled by bus/truck back and forth some 300 meters from the berth to the dedicated passenger terminal which includes all standard modern facilities in its 14.786 covered sqm.