Located at km 97 on the right margin of the Paraná de las Palmas, Campana is in the province of Buenos Aires and has a population of 86.000. Besides having considerable port and commercial activities Campana also has a good industrial infrastructure; outstanding are TENARIS SIDERCA, the manufacturer of seamless steel pipes and the ESSO oil distillery, among other industries. The Santa Fe-Buenos Aires highway offers a good connection with the main industrial centers as well as with other highways into the Pampa region. Located 10 km from the Zárate-Brazo Largo bridge, it has good connections with Mesopotamia. The Nuevo Central Argentino railway connects it directly with Rosario, Córdoba, Santiago del Estero and Tucumán.

Port general description:

Campana is a port situated on the right hand margin of the Paraná de las Palmas, the branch of the Paraná river on which the Mitre Channel is located. It is about 75 km NW of Buenos Aires by road and is the home of Siderca steel mill which produces steel piping. It is also growing as an alternative port to Buenos Aires for certain cargoes, particularly fruit.

Description of berths:

Port installations and berths from upriver downwards are: Tenaris Siderca (steel mill and quay), Euroamérica Terminal, Depsa (Ex National Wharf), Esso Terminal, Maripasa Quay, Carboclor, Rhasa and Tagsa terminals.


Km 60.7-63,0 and 108/111.


In the fairway depths range between 15/18 m (50/60 ft). For depths alongside quays and jetties see individual berths.


Length Overall up to 230 m. Maximum draft determined by depth/tide at assigned berth or prevailing conditions in access channel and/or principal channel routes. Night navigation to/from Campana via Mitre Channel permitted for vsls up to 230 m LOA.

River level/tides:

At Campana the tidal effect in the River Plate is experienced, HW and LW usually being about 4 hours after Buenos Aires and of a lesser intensity. In addition the river level can be affected by the prevailing wind. SE´ly gales (Sudestada) in particular being capable of increasing the level by as much as 60 -90 cm (2-3 ft).

Local communications:

WT and RT via Argentina Radio. Traffic and Security messages are attended by Zárate Coastguard, service via VHF (H 24) stations L5T Ch# 72, LSO 23 Ch# 14-16, LSO 44 Ch 12, Campana Coastguard, L5S Ch# 09-12-14-16-77, and Escobar Coastguard, L5R on Ch# 16-72. Local Shipping Agencies are equipped with VHF systems.

Berth assignment:

At terminal operators discretion.


Port Pilots belong to the private company which serves the ports on the Paraná de las Palmas and Ibicuy rivers (Campana, Zárate, Atucha, Lima and Ibicuy). Their services are requested at Campana. Paraná river pilots are requested via Buenos Aires. Two (2) Pilot launches available.


For vessels proceeding down river and requiring to be swung, the use of one tug is compulsory for vessels exceeding 157,5 m LOA (or 194,25 m for vessels fitted with bow thruster) Use of tugboat may be avoided by proceeding up-river and swinging at km 120. Use of tugs by exempted vessels may be recommended by port pilots under certain wind and/or river current conditions. Normally up to four tugs (1350 HP) are stationed at this port. Or at Zárate, about 6 Km upriver.

Business hours:

Port Administration 0600/1500 (m/thu) 0600/1400 (fri)
Coastguard 24 hs
Customs 0930/1800
Stevedores 0600/1200, 1200/1800, 0600/1200 sat
Offices 0600/1200, 1400/1800, 0800/1200 sat
Banks 1000/1500

Medical aid:

Municipal Hospital and three private Clinics. Hotels: Two 2/3 star category.


Campana lies on Highway Nº 9, the main Buenos Aires/Rosario motorway. Regular bus services to these cities and elsewhere. Railway goods services to Buenos Aires and other cities as well as passenger train service to Buenos Aires.


Fuel, diesel and gasoil locally available. Requests should be made in advance (at least 48 hours) in order to complete documentation. Can be supplied via tank trucks or barges (depending on quantity) except at Esso berths where by pipeline only.


Two local firms have equipment for assistance, salvage and underwater work, including 2 tugboats of about 200 and 90 HP, one fitted with a crane of 7 tons SWL.

Gangway watchmen:

Compulsory for foreign flag vessels over 2000 GRT.

Shore cranes:

Mobile cranes can be hired from private companies.


Workshops available to carry out minor deck, engine and electrical repairs. Underwater services available. For bigger jobs it is convenient to make suitable arrangements with larger workshops/shipyards at Buenos Aires.

Shore gangways:

Available at Carboclor Jetty, of about 10 m length.


Dischargeable at Carboclor berth. Can be arranged by road tanker at other berths providing early advise given.


Available locally. For large quantities convenient to arrange through shipchandlers at Buenos Aires.

Loading/Discharging rates:

Seamless steel pipes 250/300 MT/shift per gang
Petcoke, bulk 350 TPH
Bundled logs 200 MT/shift per gang
Iron Ores 400/500 MT/hour
Chrome bulk 2500/3000 MT/day
Crude oil 1000/2000 cbm/h
Fuel oil 80/450 cbm/h
Gasoil 450 cbm/h
Diesel oil 170 cbm/h
Naphtha, normal 200/250 cbm/h
Naphtha, extra 330 cbm/h
Naphtha cayalytic 450 cbm/h
Naphtha virgin 150/200 cbm/h
Solvent 350 cbm/h
Base lubricant 100/240 cbm/h
Dilutant 150/400 cbm/h
Additives 130 cbm/h
Treated wáter 50 cbm/h
Slops (carboclor) 150 cbm/h
Chemicals 150/600 cbm/h loading/discharging