This multipurpose terminal, situated just down river from the Siderca terminal, has a quay front of 305 m max LOA 230 m, but can accommodate 2 vsls of up to 200 m LOA simultaneously. Depth alongside is about 10 m (33 ft). Level of quay above waterline at datum 3 m. The berths operates reefer, forestry, iron & steel products (steel pipes), bagged and bulk cragoes. The terminal has a total of 6500 sqm floor area capable of accommodating 6500 fruit pallets (3000 in refrigerated and 3500 in ventilated space, including 13 reefer compartments). Direct railway siding. The terminal also offers 30.000 sqm covered area in warehouses for dry cargo and an open storage of 40.000 sqm. Normally no tugs required if berthing port side to quay. See also Maripasa.