This multi purpose terminal operates with car storagge and general cargo. The area consists of 288 hectares with a 1400 meter river frontage. Continuous investments are carried out in order to expend and diversify the port installations. The terminal specialises in the handling of vehicles, general cargoes and bulk/grain. Also forestry products and Wood pulp are handled here. Up to date, the following installations are to be found:
QUAYS: A total of two quays and a basin are available.
BERTH 1: One reinforced concrete quay on pilings, 170 m length and 10 m width, duly fendered and with a reported depth of minimum 11,58 m (38 ft.). The quay is connected to the shore by 3 viaducts, each 10 m width and is suited for vessels up-to LOA 230 m. On the quay 2 mobile grain conveyor towers have been installed with a loading rate of 550/600 tons per hour each. A Panamax vessel will not have to shift as its 7 holds are under reach of the conveyor towers. Usually vessels moor port side. Tower Nº 1 (upriver) will cover holds 1 up to 4/5 and Tower 2 (down river) covers holds 3/4 -7. Grain loading vessels have priority berthing at this quay. Grains exports during 2009 amounted to about 1.000.000 tons.
BERTH 2: Upriver a floating pontoon has been installed. The pontoon of 155 m length and 30 m width is moored against 5 dolphins, 2 bridges connect the access from shore to the pontoon. Vessels with LOA of 225 m may moor here, for general cargo and car operations when berth Nº 1 is occupied.
BARGE BASIN: Down stream there is a semi enclosed dock for barges; the dock measures 200 x 100 m with a draft of 4,88 m (16 ft) enabling the mooring of 4 barges at any given time. A fixed gantry type crane is fitted with a 12 cbm grab giving it a rate of 200/400 ton per hour (depending on cargo type). The crane is able to handle both grain as minerals and is connected to the warehouses thus enabling direct transfer from barge to warehouse or vessel.
INSTALLATIONS: Next to berth 1, 2 pillar-less warehouses are to be found each of 150 x 50 m (L x B) suitable for the reception of different type of cargoes both bulk as general cargo. It´s bulk capacity for grain is 35.000 tons at each warehouse. Reception of grain is carried by 2 platforms with a reported capacity of 500 ton/h and elevated to the horizontal warehouses by means of conveyor belts; loading from warehouse to vessel is carried out by a conveyor belt system of 1100 ton/h, which feeds 2 loading bulk towers mounted on the quay with a capacity of 600 ton/h each. The towers are able to travel on the quay thus avoiding shifting of the vessel. A facility for the inspection, classification and drying of grain is available; it consists of a 60.000 sqm parking lot for trucks; a covered area for automatic sampling and truck inspection together with a laboratory; 2 weigh-scales; a dryer tower of 200 ton/h capacity; one platform connecting 8 silos gives a combined storage capacity of 36.000 tn. The whole facility is connected by a 1200 ton/h conveyor belt to the port area.
CAR OPERATIONS: Open storage areas for cars consists of 4,5 hectares, and 23 hectares for the storage and distribution of vehicles. At the area a 2200 sqm ultra modern PDI depot has been installed and the area functions as a distribution – hub center for cars. A total of 4800 car slots are sheltered and offer protection against hail/rain, etc. During 2009, a total of 55.000 vehicles were moved.
GENERAL CARGO: Three warehouses available, one of 3200 sqm for general cargo and logistic activities, one of 4000 sqm for bulk import and general cargoes and a 3rd warehouse with 4000 sqm was completed for the exclusive handling of forestry products.

Local Communications:

WT/RT via General Pacheco Radio. Traffic and safety communications via Zárate Prefectura Naval Radio VHF ch 14, 72.