Private terminal owned by Vitco S.A., dealing in home trade, imports, and exports of crude oil, petroleum by-products and chemicals. Average cargo movement from all sources 0,5 -1 million cbms per annum. The terminal has 2 berths: Nº 1 berth for ocean going vessels and Nº 2 berth for river craft. Nº1 berth consists of three dolphins presenting a berthing front of about 100 m with a central manifold jetty, together with outlying mooring bollards, suitable for vessels of up to around 230 m LOA/60.000 DWT. Nº2 berth, suitable for river craft of up to LOA 135 m (+-5% tolerance) and 37.000 ton DWT, consists of 2 berthing dolphins and a central manifold jetty.
Depths alongside about 10,30 m (34 ft) and 9,14 m (30 ft) at datum respectively. Fresh water and electric power available from quay. Bunkers by barge. Shore storage tank capacity, total 181.380 cbm in 21 tanks with 8, 10 and 14´´ pipelines fitted to berth. Shore reception capacity 500-1400 cbm/hr depending on commodity.