This port is not operational due to the collapse of abt 70 metres of the shore up to 35 metres inland, in the spot where the floating landing stage and its ramps (see description below) meet the shore; as result of this collapse, almost all the area for cargo transfer of the terminal has sunk. To date (June 2012) there are no plans to repair and restore its capabilities.
The following general description of its facilities is given as reference.
This terminal handles all types of general/bulk cargoes as well as containers. Disused warehouses have been recycled as storage for bulk, and generals and now include 5 bonded warehouses, 12 warehouses and 2 bonded 25.000 sqm areas, with weighing facilities. Berth consists of three dolphins offering 120 m berthing front. Depth alongside about 12,81 m (42ft). Between dolphins and the shore the exferry boat Delfina Mitre has been moored and acts as a floating landing stage (measuring 103×17,5 m), being joined to the shore by 2 ramps (17,48×4,5 m) SWL 80 ton each. Vessels of around 220 m have operated, shifting if necessary to leave working hatches alongside the landing stage.
Cargo operations include discharge and reception bulk fertilizers and chemicals into warehouse and thereafter bagging and distribution. A 27.500 sqm of covered storage is available. All operations are carried out by Zárate Port personnel with ship´s gear. Container operations are by ship gear or hired mobile cranes brought onto landing stage. Fresh water available on berth. Bunkers by truck or barge.