April 05th – Disinfection By Crew

April 05th 2020

Disinfection By Crew

In view of the ongoing developing situation and different communications and instructions being issued by Sanitary Authorities of the Argentine Government we have chosen to send a consolidated daily report at the closing of working hours with an update of the day’s news.

National Holidays: Thursday April 09th and Friday April 10th are National Holidays in Argentina for Easter.

-Upriver: All vessels arriving at Recalada within the 14 day quarantine period are being given a temperature scan prior taking pilots. This scan is done by CoastGuard medics, not by Sanitary Authorities, and is for the boarding pilots security. Please consider that on arrival at Recalada two River Plate pilots board, and then in order to continue Upriver two River Parana pilots board at Zona Comun to continue to Upriver.

-Upriver: The first vessels are arriving and being subjected to new revision guidelines for disinfection. The Sanitary Inspector boards prior to anyone else, via CoastGuard cutter and performs a visual inspection of vessel’s cleanliness in random selected areas. Next the whole crew have their temperature measured and lastly the vessel’s documentation is verified. Only then are other attending authorities and boarding agents allowed to board. While this attitude is maintained no major delays are expected because this is done at Roads prior berthing and usually while previous vessel is at loadberth.

-Necochea: The port was reopened yesterday, Saturday 04th April, at 0815 hours. Three vessels in port which had completed loading sailed and three entered. Loading operations are still being done only in straight time. Monday to Friday 0700-1900 hours and Saturdays 0700-1300. This is due to grain surveyors refusing to work overtime. Same in Bahia Blanca.

Will keep you posted.

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