April 29th – Argentine cabotage (local) traffic


April 25th 2024

Argentine cabotage (local) traffic


National Holidays:

May 01st, Labor Day


Grains and Markets:

Bangladesh are still in the market for a Supramax of soya beans on May dates.

Algeria has purchased 30,000 tons of soya bean meal for June dates.

Algerians have also bought 30,000 tons of maize on June dates.

Saudi Arabia is preparing a tender for maize on August dates.

Argentine cabotage (local) traffic:

The Government is seriously considering opening the local cabotage traffic to all flags.

At the present time all local trade is restricted to Argentine flagged vessels or to vessels that have obtained a flag waiver.

Flag waivers have been granted to “other” flagged vessels on condition that they are chartered by an Argentine company and that the crew be Argentine.

Apart from traffic up and down the River Parana, cabotage traffic is principally consisting of tankers that either transport crude from Patagonian SBMs to Bahia Blanca (Puerto Rosales) or to gasoil that is off loaded from ocean vessels and then distributed by smaller 18-22,000 ton tankers along the coast to power stations.

At the present time it is estimated that the traffic consists of about 18 vessels.

The idea is to reduce the high cost of Argentine flagged-crewed vessels which is reported to amount to USD 14,000 per day, on crewing costs only.

The opening up of the market is aimed at bringing down the freight and time charter rates of the vessels.

There is substantial pressure by unions and local owners to maintain the status quo, but the oil companies and the electricity energy industry are exerting pressure to reduce the local costs.


As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Masters of the vessels involved.

As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Masters of the vessels involved.

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