August 21st – Maintenance Dredging Uruguay River

August 21st 2022

Maintenance Dredging Uruguay River

National Holidays:Friday, October 07th and Monday October 10th

River Parana Draft Forecast:

Grains and Markets:

Tunisian oil tender (6,000 tons) was cancelled.
Morocco and Colombia remain in the market for Supramax each of soya meal.
Due to the drought over Western Europe there are optimistic expectation for maize exports from ECSA to the Mediterranean.
ECSA is seen to be a good alternative source in the present context caused by hostilities in the Black Sea region which is usually the principal source of maize to Western Europe.


Market talks of a strong rumor that Argentina has sold 300 thousand tons of SME. Destination/s unreported.
Argentina is a good alternative for SME and other biodiesel production due to “idle” production capacity caused by the high tariffs imposed by the US during the Trump days.
We shall keep you posted.

Maintenance Dredging Uruguay River:

Jan de Nul have been awarded the maintenance dredging on the River Uruguay for the coming three years starting 2023.
This contract is for maintenance dredging. This is not part of the project to increase the draft on the River Uruguay to bring it to 34 feet/10.36 meters.
This project is still a long way off since it requires agreement and consensus between the two countries that border the River, Argentina and Uruguay.

Weather the rest of the week. Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:

Good weather conditions forecast for STS operations.
As always the actual STS bunkering operation depends on the criteria of the Masters of the vessels involved.

Will keep you posted.
Best regards,
Antares Servicios Maritimos S.A.

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