August 23rd – Offshore oil drilling Argentina

August 21st 2022

Offshore oil drilling Argentina:

National Holidays:Friday, October 07th and Monday October 10th

River Parana Draft Forecast:

Grains and Markets:

A full (Supramax or Panamax) shipment of Argentine maize has been reportedly bought by the Philippines, October-November dates.
Brazil is back in the market looking for 40,000 tons of wheat to be lifted in November dates, could be USG or Upriver.
Jordan has purchased 120 thousand tons of wheat for January (onwards) dates.

Copper mining in Northwestern Andes (Argentina):

There are significant copper mining projects underway in the NW area of the Argentine Andes.
Other than Agua Rica (7 million tons of copper reserves), which is a continuation of Minera Alumbrera, and using many of the same installations, there are other large projects under development.
The most advanced is Josemaria, south of Agua Rica, which is expected to enter production during 2026. The estimated reserves are in the region 4 million tons of copper.
There is also El Pachon, in the same area as Josemaria, which has an estimated reserve of 15 million tons and Los Azules with 13 million tons of reserves.
Lastly there is Taca Taca further to the North, which is in the early stages of development but, at this time expected to have reserves in the order of 9.5 million tons.
In most cases the output of the mines is expected to be carried on the rail network to Upriver ports for shipment.

Offshore oil drilling Argentina:

Prospecting of the CAN-100 offshore area is moving ahead. According to information available at this time the field is estimated to have an estimated production capacity of 80 thousand barrels a day once it is fully operative. Comparatively, this is 15 per cent of Argentina’s present oil production.
Mar del Plata is promoting itself as the shore base for the exploration and production.

Weather the rest of the week. Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:

Good weather conditions forecast for STS operations.
As always the actual STS bunkering operation depends on the criteria of the Masters of the vessels involved.

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