December 14th – Bunker supply at Zona Comun

December 12th 2022

Bunker supply at Zona Comun

National Holidays: Sunday, December 25th, Christmas Day and Sunday, January 01st, 2023


Martin Garcia Canal Toll charges increase:

The River Plate Administration Commission (CARP) have increased the toll charges for transiting the Martin Garcia Canal and placed the tariff on a par with the River Plate and River Parana tolls. This now means that the coefficient which is used to multiply the toll is now USD 3.06 (up from USD 2.26 previously). Because this Canal is short in length the impact in over all expenses is not significant. Large vessels, such as Panamaxes will be facing an increase of USD 2,000/3,000. This increase is applied immediately.

Holidays for Government Administration over Xmas and New Year:

As is customary, but not compulsory, the Government has granted all State employees a holiday on Friday, December 23rd and Friday, December 30th. Because of this Customs and other required Government services will be charged in overtime.

Bunker supply at Zona Comun:

Supplies at Zona Comun may be facing certain short-term interruptions due to the summer cruise ship season that begins now. Heavy demand is being placed on the local logistical resources.

Additionally, but better news, Minerva, the Spanish based bunker suppliers are now using the 7,800 ton capacity mt SARA H for supplies at Zona Comun. This larger capacity barge allows them to remain in the area for longer periods and replenish more vessels with less logistical encumbrance. The only bunker barge, until now, working on this basis was the mt STRAITS SKY operated by YPF.



Grains and Markets:

Most of the requirements mentioned before remaining uncovered. Added to this the now The Philippines is in the market for 135,000 tons of soyabean meal to be shipped between March and May 2023.

Despite the very pessimistic forecasts for wheat and barley in Argentina there are some local traders who expect the overall picture to be less dismal and believe that there may still be a decent volume on the market when the harvest comes in in full strength.


Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:




Groundings on the River Parana 2022:


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