December 28th – Traffic on the River Parana-River Plate waterway

December 28th 2022

Traffic on the River Parana-River Plate waterway

National Holidays: January 01st, 2023 New Year’s Day


End of Year Holiday:

During the New Year Holiday services will be limited as per detail

Pilot boats and service at Recalada will be suspended December 31st at 2200hs until January 01st 0200hs and again January 01st 1000hs until 1400hs.

The National Government and some Provincial Governments have declared December 30th a holiday for their employees.

Grains and Markets:

Turkey still looking for 24,000 tons of sunoil January or February dates, Ecuador in for a Handymax of soyameal February dates and South Africa for a Supramax of meal on March dates.

Otherwise, markets remain quiet until the beginning of 2023.

Traffic on the River Parana-River Plate waterway:

The Rosario Commercial Exchange has issued a report about trade on the waterway during 2021.

Main points of interest about traffic are that the “further” Upriver traffic to and from Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil moved 19,100,000 tons during that year. This is purely river (fluvial) traffic moving both up and down the river. Bulk downriver (grains, meal, iron ore and fuels) amounted to 13,745,000 tons. Bulk upriver traffic summed a total of 5,400,000 tons. This was consisting mainly of fuels and fertilizers.

On a more local basis (Argentine cabotage) the largest portion was 452,700 tons of urea, used for fertilizers. The urea is produced in Bahia Blanca by Profertil and has priority for loading on Argentine flag or chartered vessels. The only bulk carrier that participates in the traffic is the “ARGENMAR MISTRAL”, a 29,100 tons DWT vessel. When she is occupied, and more tonnage is required then other carriers can participate and are granted a waiver.


As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Master’s of the vessels involved.


Groundings on the River Parana 2022:



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