February 15th – Offshore oil prospecting in the North Argentine Basin

February 15th 2023

Offshore oil prospecting in the North Argentine Basin


National Holidays: Monday and Tuesday, February 20th and 21st, Carnival


Grains and Markets:

Chile is still looking for a Supramax of soya meal on April/May dates, so is Guatemala.

Japan and Saudi Arabia are in the market looking for maize (Panamax) on May dates.

The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange has just issued a report that places the 2023 harvest at 38,000,000 tons.

Imports of Brazilian Soya beans:

Due to the shortage of soya beans on the local market Argentine crushers are importing beans from Brazil. Some estimates put the total figure to be imported at between one and two million tons.

Much depends on what the local farmers decide to release from their stocks.

The vessels sailing Upriver have loaded at North Brazil ports and are lifting parcels of between 24,000 tons and 31,000 tons.

Discharge is performed at Vicentin (for Viterra) and LDC Timbues (for LDC). Other crushers/traders are expected to commence imports too.

Please also consider that “flag waivers” are no longer required for ocean freight between Argentina and Brazil.

This requirement was lifted on February 05th, 2022.

Offshore oil prospecting in the North Argentine Basin:

Despite efforts by local environmentalists, the Appeals Court definitely overturned rulings to stop offshore exploration.

The areas that have been allowed for prospecting by Shell, Equinor and YPF are 300 km offshore, close to Mar del Plata.

A prospecting vessel, the BG WARRIOR, had arrived to assist prospecting but then moved further south due to the initial Court ruling.

With this better prospect in sight surveys ought to begin soon.

Initial estimates are that production of this area may amount to 200,000 bbls daily.


Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:



As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Master’s of the vessels involved.


Groundings on the River Parana 2022:

 Vessel   Km From Until  Draft
BAHRI GRAIN 453,0 25/2/2022 23:16 26/2/2022 17:25 8,53
OCEAN THYME 315,0 21/4/2022 21:50 22/4/2022 02:49 7,77
ARKLOW SPRAY 324,8 5/5/2022 06:40 5/5/2022 08:55 9,65
ARKLOW SPRAY 324,0 5/5/2022 09:10 5/5/2022 23:59 9,65
STAR CARIOCA 256,0 8/5/2022 16:55 9/5/2022 10:27 10,20
FAIRCHEM KISO 447,3 5/9/2022 06:30 6/9/2022 09:45 9,50
SCARLET FALCON 288,4 14/12/2022 14:40 15/12/2022 05:40 9,90


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