February 21st – Mv CLARA ISIGNIA Grounding and refloating

February 21st 2024

Mv CLARA ISIGNIA Grounding and refloating


National Holidays:

-Sunday, March 24th

-Thursday March 28th and Friday March 29th, Easter


Grains and Markets:

Chileans are reported to be in the market for a Supramax of soya bean meal on April dates.

South Korea’s MFG has bought 68,000 tons of maize for April-May, origin unreported, so far. Algeria has bought 160,000 tons of maize on March-April, and Egypt’s GASC has tendered for 50,000 tons, also maize for March-April.

Bangladesh are looking for 50,000 of wheat in March.

Mv CLARA ISIGNIA Grounding and refloating:

On Saturday February 17th at 07:28 hours the mv CLARA ISIGNIA grounded at Km 338 of the River Parana (slightly downriver from the San Nicolás Siderar berth)

She had loaded a cargo of 40,121 tons of wheat at Cargill’s Quebracho berth in San Lorenzo and was on a draft of 10.23 meters.

CoastGuard Traffic Control halted all navigation in the area because the vessel was obstructing the principal navigation canal.

Tugs were called to assist with refloating as the vessel was totally across the current stream.

She was eventually attended by three tugs, ONA TRIUNFO, BENICIOS and later the BRUTUS was added.

Eventually, on February 19th, at 22:20 hours she was freed from the grounding and proceeded to San Nicolas South Roads for CoastGuard inspection where she remains at the time this message is sent.

2102 Mv CLARA ISIGNIA Grounding and refloating

Above the Mv CLARA INSIGNIA anchored at San Nicolas South Roads this afternoon

The area where the vessel had grounded was surveyed and new maximum sailing draft was announced at 8.88 meters.

Navigation through the area was allowed at 14:00 hours.

At this moment, the dredger AFONSO DE ALBUQUERQUE is working in the area to clear the obstruction.

We shall keep you posted in our Daily Draft Report on the progress of her work.


2102 Bunkers

As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Masters of the vessels involved.


Best regards,

Antares Servicios Maritimos S.A.

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