July 03rd – Copper mining in Argentina

July 03rd  2023

Copper mining in Argentina


National Holidays: July 09th, Sunday.

Grains and Markets:

South Korea’s MFG has purchased 68,000 tons of maize, October dates. Origin is either South Africa or ECSA.

Also South Korea, NOFI has purchased a Panamax of maize. Same as above, origin South Africa or ECSA.

Egypt is also in the market for a Panamax of maize on September dates.

Copper mining in Argentina:

The Mara (formerly Agua Rica) copper mine under development in NorthWest Argentina continues under development with a startup date foreseen for mid-2024.

The production is estimated to be 7,800,000 tons. Exports from the site to port is to be via the rail network to Upriver ports.

This facility will be using the installation of the former Minera Alumbrera in Catamarca (pipeline and rail network).

Funding and technology are provided by Yamana and Glencore.



STS Bunker at zona comun for next days:

As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Master’s of the vessels involved.


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