July 12th – YPF-Petronas in Bahia Blanca

July 12th  2023

YPF-Petronas in Bahia Blanca


National Holidays: Monday August 21st, 2023


Grains and Markets:

Soya bean imports during 2023 amount to 5,000,000 tons, so far. The imports are the highest volume ever on record. This is because the three year drought eventually began to bite and the local crushing industry, which had always been fed by local production, needs the imports to keep the plants functioning. Imports are from Paraguay and Bolivia, by river transport and Brazil on ocean going vessels.

Israel and Thailand are in the market for soya bean meal on October dates.

The Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia are in the market for full shipments of maize on September, October and November.

Montevideo, Uruguay bunkers:

The Uruguayan Government has issued a decree last Friday July 07th that allows the import of fuel for bunkering on duty-free basis.

Previously the supply of all fuels in Uruguay was a monopoly held by ANCAP, the state owned fuel company which owns the only refinery in Montevideo, La Teja. Although ANCAP would sell bunker fuel to traders who in turn would resell and supply to customers. The bunker fuel market in Montevideo (Service Zone) has been limited because the only bunker barge available performs domestic cabotage voyages and will only be available sporadically.

It now remains to be seen whether there is any party interested to set up storage and delivery facilities to take advantage of this change.

YPF-Petronas in Bahia Blanca:

The YPF-Petronas LNG plant for Bahia Blanca is progressing. The land for construction has been reserved within the Port area (see map below).

Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are operated by Dubai Ports (TRP).

Terminal 4 is operated by Maersk (APM Terminals).

When the landfill is completed, the port will look as per below:

Further details are arising. The president of YPF has declared before a Congress committee that three pipelines will be constructed between Vaca Muerta and Bahia Blanca to feed the installation.

Each pipeline will be about 630 kilometers in length and consist of 36-inch diameter pipes (same diameter as the Vaca Muerta-Litoral pipeline) now under construction.

The construction is planned in three stages.

Firstly a pipeline to carry the gas to a liquefaction vessel moored in the port and reach a production of 5,000,000 tons per year.

Secondly a further pipeline and the construction of the facility on shore and reach an annual volume of 15,000,000 tons.

Thirdly the last pipeline and a total annual volume of 25,000,000 tons.

The first call to tender for construction of the pipeline will be issued end of 2023.

The plan, as mentioned above, is considered to be over a 15 year period of time.


STS Bunker at zona comun for next days:

As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Master’s of the vessels involved.


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