July 17th – Exports & Upriver

July 17th 2020

Argentine Crude Exports & Upriver Terminals

In view of the ongoing developing situation and different communications and instructions being issued by Sanitary Authorities of the Argentine Government we have chosen to send a consolidated daily report at the closing of working hours with an update of the day’s news.

National Holidays: Next National Holiday Monday August 17th, San Martin day.

Covid-19: The National Government has today announced a “relaxing” of the Quarantine for Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires area. This will be gradual relaxation , staged over a period that is aimed to bring us back to a New normal by mid-August. This will be measured and depending on results on a day by day basis. Other areas of the country where the Pandemic is less virulent will continue with local measures that are more relaxed. Nevertheless there are internal barriers, long distance travel is severely restricted with no bus, train or flights allowed.

Export licenses: On July 16th were granted for 300,000 metric tons of soft wheat, 46,500 metric tons of maize, 11,000 metric tons of sunseed and 10,000 metric tons of soya beans.

Argentine crude exports: Pampa Energía exported 94,350 barrels of Argentine “Medanito” Crude oil on July 07th from Puerto Rosales (close to Bahia Blanca). The tanker that loaded this cargo was bound for Rotterdam. The export shipment is quite remarkable given the contraction in crude trading that is caused by the worldwide pandemic. The Government has eliminated the export tax of 8 per cent and this added to the demand for very low Sulphur Argentine crude makes it now economically workable.

Loading rates at Upriver Terminals: Most of the Upriver terminals are modern and efficient installations with fast load rates ranging between 1,000/1,600 metric tons per hour, It is recommended that Masters minimize the ballast onboard when berthing and carefully coordinate the load rate and sequence. Slow downs and delays during loading are considered delays and financial damages to the installation. There have been claims due to stoppages and alleged lost time.

Recalada: Recalada closes often due to swell and high winds. Usual during the early winter months.

Necochea: Necochea opened, July 15th at 1645 hours. The port had remained closed since Friday July 10th at 1715 hours.

Bahia Blanca: Pilotage service is being rendered normally.

Crew changes: Crew changes are not possible in Argentina TODAY.
Uruguay has allowed entry into the country under very strict restrictions. Travelers must have a prior negative Covid 19 test 72 hours prior being allowed entry. Crew members boarding are not allowed to stop at any stage between landing at the airport (Montevideo) and boarding the vessel. Once onboard the vessel they must comply with a 14 day quarantine onboard before being allowed to work. Departing crew must proceed directly from the vessel to the airport. Considering that there is at the moment only one international flight per week these requirements make it virtually impossible for crew members to enter or leave the country. Additionally to this before a boarding crew member is allowed permit of entry the agreement of Sanitary Authority, Immigration and CoastGuard must be obtained.

*** IMPORTANT *** Recalada/Zona Comun. New procedures for arriving vessels: As from Sunday June 14th, the CoastGuard medics are not attending at Recalada. The change is that now medics are boarding vessels at Zona Comun, but only as from 0900 hours. It means that the preliminary inspection has added cost. Each vessel must pay a launch service for the two medics and additionally the pilots charge an anchoring fee. This will amount to additional cost as follows:
USD 1,900.00 launch service, Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays USD 2,080.00


USD ——– Pilot’s anchoring fee calculated as follows: USD 14.00 per Fiscal Unit of the vessel. FUs are calculated basis (LOA x Beam x Molded depth)/800.

The latest instruction is that inbound vessels will sail from Recalada so as to arrive at Zona Comun approximately 0800 hours so as to be inspected during daylight hours. On the other hand most vessels arriving at Recalada with more than 14 days since last port of call are frequently allowed to proceed to load port without stoppage.
Will keep you posted.

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