June 09th – Fourth Hemispheric Port and Waterway Conference

June 09th 2022

Fourth Hemispheric Port and Waterway Conference

ANTARES: We attach to this News a flyer with the full detail of all our staff and offices for your ready reference.

Week end duty staff: (Friday June 10th noon, until Monday June 13th 2022, 0800 hrs)

– HQ Buenos Aires:

German Andres Stoppo +54 9 11 6434 1673

Horacio Vazquez +54 9 11 5578 4554

– Upriver:

Sebastian Ferrara +54 9 11 3156 1679

Franco Ostoic +54 9 11 6656 1678

Walter Nestor Travaglini +54 9 11 3156 1680

National Holidays: June 17th and June 20th (extra-long weekend)


Further surveys performed on the River now establish a new determinant for northern berths at Rosario (TPR, Unit VI/VII, Cargill VGG and Cargill Punta Alvear) with a depth of 9.20 for that area at Zero datum. Meantime a dredger is working at the shallow area of Km 450.4 in San Lorenzo.

River Parana Draft Forecast as per INA Report basis shallowest points reported May 26th:

A small surge will be occurring during the second half of June that will be making the maximum sailing draft from Rosario and San Lorenzo be equal to San Nicolas. After this finishes the level of water in the river is forecast to recede. Levels are not as expected to be as low as during 2021.
The shallow area at the present time is located at Paraguayo (Km 387.6) where 8.80 meters at Zero datum has been registered. A dredger has been dispatched by the River Channell Authority to clear the area.
The affected berths are all those further upriver of ADM Agro Arroyo Seco.

Grains and Markets:
The Philippines confirmed a purchase of 53,000 tons of maize for July dates from ECSA. Another similar purchase is intended shortly for August dates.
Jordan has purchased 60,000 tons of feed barley for 2nd half August.The booking of export licenses for maize in Argentina remains strong. It has been reported that one exporter alone booked licenses worth 100,000 tons during the day yesterday June 08th.

GMO Wheat and now Soya beans:
The same company that has developed the drought resistant wheat has also produced a variety of soya bean that has the same properties. These soya beans are now acceptable and the Chinese Government has certified the beans for import.

Fourth Hemispheric Port and Waterway Conference:
The National Port Administration is hosting a Ports and Waterways conference organized by the Organization of American States. With the Pandemic appearing to recede we are returning to get-togethers again.
Attendees from the region have gathered at Buenos Aires CCK Center and are exchanging views and experiences after a four-year interruption. Amongst the presentations heard there are proposals regarding short and longer-term plans regarding port infrastructure investments, priorities, and new developments in the region after the changes brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The most affected trade has been the Cruise industry which dropped to zero during 2020 and is now making a come-back. There are also reports regarding the less Pandemic affected business but where due to the Pandemic there has been little public attention. Once all is summed up we will be returning with the more interesting points./06/0206j.webp” alt=” ” width=”600px”>

Bahia Blanca stevedores:
Stevedores are stopping work for one to two hours during each six-hour shift in protest claiming a Covid-19 bonus. This action has now been ongoing for a few weeks.
Stevedores are stopping work for one to two hours during each six-hour shift in protest claiming a Covid-19 bonus. This action has now been ongoing for a few weeks.

Repatriating, disembarking, returning crewmembers – Crew changes:
We take the opportunity to remind Crew Departments that recently there have been difficult situations when returning/repatriating crew have had trouble boarding or been refused by airlines at the airport due to insufficient or missing health certificates. Authorities at destination countries are often requiring Covid free tests that must be performed prior boarding.
Regulations for Crew Changes have been relaxed further and changes are now allowed.

ANTARES: We attach to this News aBut for Nationals(*) needing VISA

the process is still quite long.

Process for Crew Change:

1.Joining and departing crew must have full vaccination scheme completed (two doses) 48 hours prior joining or departing vessel.
2.A sworn statement must be signed.
3.Joining and departing crew that do NOT have the full vaccination scheme must have an antigen test performed not more than 48 hours prior or a PCR test not more than 72 hours prior joining or departing the vessel.
4.Requests for visas to be issued at Consulates must be presented to Immigration offices, via Agents.
5.Disembarking crew will need to have a Covid health insurance that covers them for about one year in case the crew member is detected as infected after leaving the vessel and prior to leaving the country.

Estimated Time for On Signers without needing VISA: 5/7 (five/seven) days
Estimated Time for On Signers needing VISA: 10 (ten) days
Estimated Time for Off Signers: 5 (five) days


(*) Passport Required VISA Full List

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