June 05th – Gas Pipeline

June 05th 2022

Gas Pipeline

National Holidays: June 17th and June 20th (extra-long weekend)


Further surveys performed on the River now establish a new determinant for northern berths at Rosario (TPR, Unit VI/VII, Cargill VGG and Cargill Punta Alvear) with a depth of 9.20 for that area at Zero datum. Meantime a dredger is working at the shallow area of Km 450.4 in San Lorenzo.

River Parana Draft Forecast as per INA Report basis shallowest points reported June 04th:

A small surge will be occurring during the second half of June that will be making the maximum sailing draft from Rosario and San Lorenzo be equal to San Nicolas. After this finishes the level of water in the river is forecast to recede. Levels are not as expected to be as low as during 2021. The shallow area at the present time is located at Paraguayo (Km 387.6) where 8.80 meters at Zero datum has been registered. The River Channell Authority has not yet informed when this area will be dredged.

Grains and Markets:
The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange now forecasts a harvest of 43.3 million tons of soyabeans and 49.0 million tons of maize that is now incoming.
Algeria has purchased 90 thousand tons of wheat, origin undisclosed, but most likely EU and SAmerica. July and August dates.
China has purchased two Panamax cargoes of soyabeans from Argentina with July dates.

Gas Pipeline:
The process for tendering the laying down of the gas pipeline from Vaca Muesrta (North Western Patagonia) to Rosario will commence June 06th. Once this part is decided then the process for the purchasing of the pipeline proper will begin. These pipes are usually carried on geared bulk carriers.

Jan de Nul Argentina:
Jan de Nul, now the principal contractor for dredging the Rivers Parana and Plate has brought a new dredger to add it’s operations. The “Pancho” is a small size vessel designed to work in smaller spaces such as harbors at access canals. The vessel can dredge to a depth of 20 meters. She will soon be joined by her sister “Cosette”. Both were built in the Netherlands.

Pilotage tariffs increase recap 2022:
As from February 1st, River Plate Pilots announced an increase of about 5% on transportation expenses (ground and boat services).
As from May 1st, Parana River Pilots announced an increase of about 5% on transportation expenses (ground and boat services).
As from May 1st, Port Pilots have announced an increase of about 17% on transportation expenses (ground and boat services).
Additionally Port pilots have now “interpreted” the regulations in the same light as other pilots, and they will start charging for dropping and weighing anchors. These additional “maneuvers”, when they take place, will involve extra charges of (usd 14 x vessel’s FU ((LOA x BEAM x DEPTH)/800)), about USD 2,000.00 for Supramax vessels and USD 2,500.00 for Panamax vessels. While port pilots will start applying it this year, River Plate and Parana River Pilots have been charging additional maneuvers for several years already.

Bahia Blanca stevedores:
Bahia Blanca stevedores:

Stevedores are stopping work for one to two hours during each six-hour shift in protest claiming a Covid-19 bonus. This action has now been ongoing for a few weeks.

ARGENTINA – Crew changes:
Regulations for Crew Changes are being relaxed in almost all major Ports (except Necochea),

ANTARES: We attach to this News a but for Nationals(*) needing VISA

the process is still quite long.

Process for Crew Change:

1.Joining and departing crew must have full vaccination scheme completed (two doses) 48 hours prior joining or departing vessel.
2.A sworn statement must be signed.
3.Joining and departing crew that do NOT have the full vaccination scheme must have an antigen test performed not more than 48 hours prior or a PCR test not more than 72 hours prior joining or departing the vessel.
4.Requests for visas to be issued at Consulates must be presented to Immigration offices, via Agents.
5.Disembarking crew will need to have a Covid health insurance that covers them for about one year in case the crew member is detected as infected after leaving the vessel and prior to leaving the country.

Estimated Time for On Signers without needing VISA: 5/7 (five/seven) days
Estimated Time for On Signers needing VISA: 10 (ten) days
Estimated Time for Off Signers: 5 (five) days


(*) Passport Required VISA Full List

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