June 16th – Week end duty staff

June 16th 2022

Week end duty staff

ANTARES: We attach to this News a flyer with the full detail of all our staff and offices for your ready reference.

Week end duty staff: (Friday all day, June 17th, until Tuesday June 21st 2022, 0800 hrs)

– HQ Buenos Aires:

Gastón Cabrera +54 9 11 5578 4556

Horacio Vazquez +54 9 11 5578 4554

– Upriver:

Agustin More +54 9 11 6656 1677

Pablo Andres Faggiani +54 9 11 3156 1681

Walter Nestor Travaglini +54 9 11 3156 1680

National Holidays:Friday June 17th (tomorrow) and Monday June 20th, extra-long weekend


Further surveys performed on the River now establish a new determinant for northern berths at Rosario (TPR, Unit VI/VII, Cargill VGG and Cargill Punta Alvear) with a depth of 9.20 for that area at Zero datum. Meantime a dredger is working at the shallow area of Km 450.4 in San Lorenzo.

River Parana Draft Forecast as per INA Report basis shallowest points reported June 15th:

San Lorenzo’s shallowest point now located at Entre Paso Borghi/Bella Vista KM 447,1 depth of 9 M at Zero datum
Rosario’s shallowest point now located at Paraguayo KM 389,1 depth of 9,1M at Zero datum
San Nicolas’ shallowest point now located at Arriba Obligado KM 311,6 depth of 9,9M at Zero datum

The small surge is wearing off over these days. After this is over the river level will descend, but the low water is not forecast to be as low as 2021.
It MUST be pointed out that even though the Upriver draft permits sailing on more than 10.50 meters there still exists a limitation on the River Plate.
The maximum recommendable draft is 10.50 meters FW with a suitable tide.
A few centimeters may be added in exceptional circumstances when the meteorological conditions are suitable.

Grains and Markets:
India is expected to compensate the shortfall of Indonesian and Malaysian palm oil with further imports of soya bean oil from Argentina and Brazil. Imports are still duty-free.
The Philippines are in the market for a handymax full of maize in August. Egypt and Japan are looking to buy a full Panamax each with September dates.
Brazil, Thailand and Jordan are looking to buy wheat for July, August, September and October dates.
Overall harvesting of the end of the HSS crop is proceeding slightly ahead of similar dates 2021. The sowing of the wheat and lighter grains (mainly barley) is delayed due to the dry weather.

Gas pipeline:

The first stage of the gas pipeline from Vaca Muerta, north-western Patagonia, to central Argentina (Salliquelo) has been awarded to SIAT (Techint). This stage of the pipeline is 558 kilometers in length. A significant amount of the steel pipes will be imported. Usual means of transportation is by sea in bulk carriers. Similar previous construction projects have involved CONFAB in Brazil, just outside Sao Paulo. CONFAB is fully owned Techint subsidiary. The most likely logistical base for imported pipes is Bahia Blanca.

The first stage of the pipeline is detailed in the yellow box.

The port administration at Bahia Blanca has reduced the “entry” tariffs for vessels that stop at the Roads for lifting bunkers only.
This is an 18 per cent reduction, and it reflects as a reduction of about USD 3,500 on a Capesize, down from USD 26,000 to USD 22,500, and a reduction of USD 2,000 on a Panamax, down from USD 16,000 to USD 14,000.

Weather over the Long Weekend. Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:

Friday afternoon, Saturday and part of Sunday may see rough weather at Zona Comun that could delay bunker deliveries and pilot changes.

Bahia Blanca stevedores:
Stevedores are stopping work for one to two hours during each six-hour shift in protest claiming a Covid-19 bonus. This action is has now been ongoing.

Will keep you posted.

Best regards,

Antares Servicios Maritimos S.A.

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