June 26th – Independent Truck Owners Protest

June 26th 2022

Independent Truck Owners Protest

National Holidays: Saturday, July 09th – Independence Day

Independent Truck Owners Protest:
Protests by Independent Truck Owners remain ongoing. The protest is principally due to the shortage of diesel fuel.
Actions have spread to the hinterland of the Upriver ports.
During the weekend there were NO picket lines blocking entry to ports or terminals.
Further and increased protests have been announced for the forthcoming week.

Upriver (San Lorenzo and Rosario):
Demonstrations at road junctions were lifted over the weekend.

San Nicolas area:
Truck service within the port is mostly back to normal.

Activity remains normal.

Bahia Blanca:
Diminished cargo delivery to the terminals.

Overall, all loading facilities are reporting a decrease in cargo delivery.
This could also be caused by farmer’s reluctance to sell and increase their stocks awaiting better values.
Loading operations remain underway using stocks.

River Parana Draft Forecast:
Basis INA Report of June 23rd and Depth Report of June 26th

San Lorenzo’s shallowest point now located at Entre Paso Borghi/Bella Vista KM 447,1 depth of 9 M at Zero datum
Rosario’s shallowest point now located at Paraguayo KM 389,1 depth of 9,1M at Zero datum
San Nicolas’ shallowest point now located at Arriba Obligado KM 311,9 depth of 9,8M at Zero datum

River level is descending. Nevertheless, the forecast is that water levels will not be as low as during 2021.

San Nicolas Dredging:
Saturday 25th the dredger Afonso de Albuquerque commenced dredging operations in the port of San Nicolás. The intention is to clean the Access canal, the turning basin and to improve the depth alongside at the New Port berth. The work is estimated to take about 7 days.

Grains and Markets:
The harvest of sorghum is now 53 per cent completed. The total is expected to be 3.5 million tons. The main export destination is expected to be China.
Korea has purchased 130 thousand of maize to be loaded July and September dates.
Chile and Vietnam are in the market for handymax maize shipments, September dates.

Biodiesel in Argentina (Please see the first article above):
Due to market distortions caused by Government regulations there is a shortage of diesel fuel over most of the country. This is compromising nearly all transport and logistical activities. Trying to resolve the situation the Government has now allowed an increase in the “cut” or proportion of biodiesel that is included with the fossil fuel. This may affect biodiesel supplies for export, but as soon as the supply returns to “normal” this ought to be redressed. There has been very strong pressure from the Oil Majors during the whole year to reduce the Biodiesel proportion.

The port administration at Bahia Blanca has reduced the “entry” tariffs for vessels that stop at the Roads for lifting bunkers only.
This is an 18 per cent reduction, and it reflects as a reduction of about USD 3,500 on a Capesize, down from USD 26,000 to USD 22,500, and a reduction of USD 2,000 on a Panamax, down from USD 16,000 to USD 14,000.

Winds over the rest of this week. Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:

STS BUNKER AT ZONA COMUN FOR NEXT DAYS: Wind conditions are expected to deteriorate starting Wednesday.


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