June 27th – Update Truck Owners Protest in Bahia Blanca

June 27th 2022

Update Truck Owners Protest in Bahia Blanca

National Holidays: Saturday, July 09th – Independence Day

Independent Truck Owners Protest:
Protests by Independent Truck Owners are getting gradually more intense.
The protest is principally due to the shortage of diesel fuel.
During the weekend there were NO picket lines blocking entry to ports or terminals.
Protests actions at ports are as per detail.

Upriver (San Lorenzo and Rosario):
Demonstrations at road junctions are again in place, but alternative access to ports and terminals is available for those who wish to use them.

San Nicolas area:
Truck service within the port is mostly normal.

Access to the port is blocked by pickets as from 00:00 hours. No cargo is being delivered.

Bahia Blanca:
Diminished cargo delivery to the terminals, but transport within the port is normal.

Overall, all loading facilities are reporting a decrease in cargo delivery.

Loading operations remain underway using stocks.

Will keep you posted.

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Antares Servicios Maritimos S.A.

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