June 28th – Offshore surveys Argentine basin CAN-100

June 28th 2024

Offshore surveys Argentine basin CAN-100

Weekend duty staff:

(Thursday June 28th, until Monday July 01st, 2024 0800 hrs.)


HQ Buenos Aires:

Nicolás Fichi              +54 9 11 5578 4559

Leandro Vinchi             +54 9 11 3597 6759



Sebastián José Ferrara     +54 9 11 3156 1679

Kevin Masia                +54 9 11 6919 2280

Lorenzo Olmedo             +54 9 11 5597 8590

Fernando Marini            +54 9 11 2645 0537

Walter Nestor Travaglini   +54 9 11 3156 1680


National Holidays:

June 21st


National Holidays:

Tuesday, July 09th


Grains and Markets:

South Korea’s NOFI has bought 135,000 tons of maize (2 x Panamax), half from CJ International and half from PanOcean. Late September/early October dates. Origin not declared.

Egyptians are in the market for a Panamax of maize, August dates.

Colombians are in for a Supramax of maize, but September dates.

India has bought a soya bean oil parcel for July dates, origin Argentina.

Iran has purchased 195,000 tons of soya bean meal, July-September.

Offshore surveys Argentine basin CAN-100:

The drilling vessel VALARIS-17, has completed her work at the CAN-100 area offshore South Atlantic and has now sailed back to Brazil.

Despite all the talk, the initial result of the surveys is that the there is no commercially worthwhile findings of oil in the area.

Off course much to the disappointment of all.


San Lorenzo and Bahia Blanca – Vegoil worker’s union strike:

Vegoil worker’s union has gone on strike in San Lorenzo and Bahia Blanca starting 13:30 hours June 27th.

They are protesting a new law that will increase the tax burden that is now working its way through Congress.

Operations at the following terminals/ports are stopped:

– Renova, San Lorenzo

– LDC Timbues, San Lorenzo

– Cofco Timbues, San Lorenzo

– Terminal 6, San Lorenzo (all berths)

– Cargill Quebracho, San Lorenzo

– Cofco PGSM, San Lorenzo

– Pampa, San Lorenzo

– DEMPA, San Lorenzo

– Vicentin, San Lorenzo

– San Benito, San Lorenzo

– Cargill VGG, Rosario

– Cargill Punta Alvear, Rosario

– LDC Lagos

– Viterra, Bahia Blanca

Bahia Blanca – Stevedores:

The stevedore union in Bahia Blanca are refusing to work during overtime.

Operations will continue in this manner, with occasional short-term stoppages during normal working hours until the wage dispute is settled.


As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Masters of the vessels involved.

As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Masters of the vessels involved.


Will keep you posted.

Best regards,

Antares Servicios Maritimos S.A.

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