March 27th – Recalada Screening

March 27th 2020

Recalada Screening

In view of the ongoing developing situation and different communications and instructions being issued by Sanitary Authorities of the Argentine Government we have chosen to send a consolidated daily report at the closing of working hours with an update of the day’s news.

-National Holidays: Upcoming National Holiday Tuesday March 31st. There was significant confusion about Monday March 30th. This day is a normal working day, within the circumstances, but Government employees are given “Administrative Leave”. Also April 09th and 10th for Easter.

-Recalada: The procedure at the moment is that all vessels entering through Recalada are given a basic screening by CoastGuards before River Plate pilots board. The vessel may then proceed to Zona Comun, change pilots and continue to load port. Depending on the mood, Sanitary authorities will either board at Loadport Roads or at Zona Comun to perform thorough screening of the crew and then proceed to provide Free Practique if all found in order. There is no method applied to this that has been reported.

Vessels are loading very close to normal after a noisy beginning to the week. Totally normal life is yet to return and some unions are causing unrest about vessels not fully complying with the 14 day quarantine. Mv KAMARI (54,000 dwt), moored at Cofco Sur PGSM but stevedores refused to board because the 14 day quarantine has not been performed. Apparently, also the Terminal did not allow the gangway to be lowered. The vessel is now proceeding back to Roads. The vessel sailed from Rio Grande Brazil on March 18th. Mv ULTRA COLONSAY (40,000 mt wheat, at T6) is anchored at San Lorenzo Roads and her berthing may be delayed due to pressure from some unions. On a more positive side the test performed on the crew member of the mt CLEAROCEAN MELODY have proven negative for COVID19 and the vessel is soon expected to berth at Dreyfus Arroyo Seco to load her biodiesel.

-Necochea and Bahia Blanca remain strictly enforcing the 14 day quarantine. Bahia Blanca may be a little more flexible in this regard.

Will keep you posted.

Best regards,
Antares Servicios Maritimos S.A.

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