March 8th – Grains and Markets

March 8th 2023

Grains and Markets


National Holidays: Friday March 24th


Grains and Markets:

CREA, a farmer’s production coop has issued a new estimate for the 2023 harvest. Soya production is placed at 31,200,000 tons and maize at 38,600,000 tons.

The first estimate by CREA was 50,000,000 tons for soya and 55,200,000 tons for maize. The very reduced estimation is caused by the severe drought which we are enduring. And it hasn’t broken yet.

Bangladesh is reported to be in the market for soya beans (Supramax) on June dates.

Taiwan is in the market for a Panamax of maize loading April dates and Colombia for a maize Supramax during May.


Copper mining in the Andes (North and Western Argentina):

We often feature the copper mining projects advancing, some very slowly, in the Northwestern Andes.

There appears to be new enthusiasm building up to bring the mines to fruition.

It is reported that the expected shortage of “strategic” metals, caused partly by hostilities in the Black Sea area and consequent embargoes makes Argentina an interesting alternative for sourcing.

Glencore, McEwen Mining, Lundin Mining, and First Quantum Minerals are all throwing funds at developing projects.

Also, Central Puerto (Argentine Energy Company) wants to take non-operating stakes in copper projects, gaining board seats to help international investors navigate the complex waters of Argentine politics and regulations.

The exports of copper concentrates are principally expected to be carried by rail to Upriver ports along the same pattern Minera Alumbrera used when their mine was active, starting 1998 until the early 2020´s.

Minera Alumbrera had a dedicated loading facility within Terminal 6 that still exists today.

Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:


As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Master’s of the vessels involved.


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