May 05th – Wheat Market

May 05th 2020

Wheat Market

In view of the ongoing developing situation and different communications and instructions being issued by Sanitary Authorities of the Argentine Government we have chosen to send a consolidated daily report at the closing of working hours with an update of the day’s news.

National Holiday: Monday, May 25th, May Revolution.

Covid-19 National Quarantine: The National Quarantine will remain in force until May 10th.

Wheat: A video conference was held today at the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange with announcements of prospects for the Small Grains (Wheat and Barley) Season 2020/2021 which starts at this time. The expectation is for an area of 6.8 million hectares of wheat to be sowed with wheat and 1 Para la Rural Argentina, la campaña de Trigo viene en crecimiento …million hectares for barley. If the weather forecasts are correct we will have a cold and dry winter in the Southern Hemisphere and the total production will range between 20 and 21 million tons. Under the present worldwide depression wheat is expected to be the “strongest” agricultural product because it is cheaper compared to soya due to the lower processing requirements and more direct access to consumers. Argentina is expected to have a exportable balance close to 12.5 million tons. This will allow it to be marketed further abroad than usual and could allow easy access into SE Asian markets up to the moment covered by Australia. Additionally to this the restrictions placed on exports by other major suppliers will further restrict access to their usual markets making way for further new prospects. Barley will be mainly centered on malting variety.
It was also pointed out that with the current economic situation that is developing agriculture will be one of the least affected activities.

Export licenses: Export licenses were issued for 100,000 mtons of maize, 18,000 mtons of soyameal, 10,000 mtons of soyabeans and 16,000 mtons of sunseed.

River Parana draft: The meteorological expectations are for the low volume of water in the river to remain at present levels until into July. The drought in Southern Brazil persists and it will require significant amounts of rain before the River returns to normal levels.

Necochea: The port closed today May 05th, at 0900 hours due to strong wind and swell. This weather condition is expected to continue for the next 48 hours.

Bahia Blanca: Pilotage service at Buoy 11, Bahia Blanca Roads was suspended at 0845 hours today, May 05th due to strong winds.

Will keep you posted.

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