March 20th – Implementation Corona Virus Protection

May 20th 2020

Implementation Corona Virus Protection

In view of the ongoing developing situation and different communications and instructions being issued by Sanitary Authorities of the Argentine Government we have chosen to send a consolidated daily report at the closing of working hours with an update of the day’s news.
The situation at the moment in Argentina has yet to settle down after the announcement that the national Government was placing the whole country in Quarantine Status until March 31st. Various ports are handling the situation in different manners and guidelines are being worked on a case by case basis. Details as per below.
-Strike by the Grain surveyors Union (URGARA)
The grain surveyors Union (URGARA) announced strike action as from 1900 hours today, March 20th until 0600 hrs Wednesday 25th. They claim that the Sanitary condition of vessels is not sufficiently clear and that by boarding vessels coming from infected areas they putting their health at risk. Compulsory conciliation was announced by the Ministry of Labour this evening, but at many installation loading was interrupted by walkouts that ignored the order. After significant confusion most vessels resumed loading operations when the surveyors returned.

-After Quarantine announcement there was significant confusion as to the coverage and application. It took most of the day for terminals at San Lorenzo, Rosario, Arroyo Seco, Timbues and Ramallo to re-arrange staff and bring them back into operation. By mid-afternoon most terminals were loading. As the day wore on the exceptions to the new instruction were clarified and issued excepting exports and maritime activity from restrictions. Most ports should be working normally within a few days.

-At Necochea there arose significant opposition from the local population, municipal government, and stevedores to vessels coming into port before the 14 day quarantine period had been performed after departure from the last “affected” port. The mv MOUNT OWEN berthed but stevedores refused to work on her until March 22nd when her 14 day quarantine is completed. She remains alongside in the port.

-Bahia Blanca
has imposed quarantine on all vessels coming from affected ports. Regardless even if they come from another Argentine port where they loaded without delay. It was even considered to extend the quarantine requirement to vessels taking bunkers at Buoy 11 where they have virtually no contact with shore.

-Lastly the mv LADY I was re-floated from her grounding at San Lorenzo with the assistance of the tugs BRUTUS and COOPOR ESTIBADOR I during mid morning.

-The tally at the close of today in Argentina is 158 infected/3 dead.

Shall keep you posted.

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