May 22nd- Bahia Blanca

May 22nd 2022

Bahia Blanca

National Holidays: May 25th, May Revolution Day.

River Parana Draft Forecast as per INA Report:

DRAFT FORECAST (Calculated as per Current Shallowest Points May 16th 2022)

San Lorenzo’s shallowest point now located at EP. BORGHI/BELLA VISTA 447,2 depth of 9.2 M at Zero datum

Rosario’s shallowest point now located at Emp Alvear/Canal Muelles Ros 410.3 depth of 9.4M at Zero datum

San Nicolas’ shallowest point now located at Arriba Obligado 311,6 depth of 9,9M at Zero datum

There are no surges forecast for the coming months. River levels are expected to drop to 9.7/9.8 meters from Upriver ports. We are returning to a scenario where San Lorenzo, Rosario, and San Nicolás will have differing maximum sailing drafts.

Grains and Markets:

The Government has raised the limit for maize exports of the 2021/2022 harvest from 30 million tons to 35 million tons. The total harvest, which is underway at the moment, is expected to be in the order of 57 million tons.
Indonesia has lifted the ban on palm oil exports.
The UN Agency, World Food Program reported that 50 per cent of it’s annual wheat purchases were from Ukraine and that since the commencement of hostilities this source had been interrupted.

Bahia Blanca:
The Bahia Blanca Port Administration has announced ten year plan for investments to improve the facilities.
The principal aim of this is to increase the present volume of 28.8 millions tons handled to 50 million tons by 2032.
For the first five coming years the principal investment will involve the development of an LNG processing plant to be developed by the state oil company YPF.
Also on the list is a plan to complete or begin land fill operations in the central area of the port.

Argentine Offshore oil exploration:

At the request of bidders YPF, Shell and Equinore the Government has extended permits for offshore exploration through 2024. The area where the permits have been granted are distant about 300 nm off a strip running between Mar del Plata and down south past Bahia Blanca. The total area covers approximately 15,000 square kilometers.

Pilotage tariffs increase recap 2022:

As from February 1st, River Plate Pilots announced an increase of about 5% on transportation expenses (ground and boat services).

As from May 1st, Parana River Pilots announced an increase of about 5% on transportation expenses (ground and boat services).

As from May 1st, Port Pilots have announced an increase of about 17% on transportation expenses (ground and boat services).

Additionally Port pilots have now “interpreted” the regulations in the same light as other pilots, and they will start charging for dropping and weighing anchors. These additional “maneuvers”, when they take place, will involve extra charges of (usd 14 x vessel’s FU ((LOA x BEAM x DEPTH)/800)), about USD 2,000.00 for Supramax vessels and USD 2,500.00 for Panamax vessels. While port pilots will start applying it this year, River Plate and Parana River Pilots have been charging additional maneuvers for several years already.

Bahia Blanca stevedores:

Stevedores are stopping work for one to two hours during each six-hour shift in protest claiming a Covid-19 bonus. This action has now been ongoing for a few weeks.

ARGENTINA – Crew changes:

Regulations for Crew Changes are being relaxed in almost all major Ports (except Necochea),

ANTARES: We attach to this News a but for Nationals(*) needing VISA

the process is still quite long.

Process for Crew Change:

1.Prior boarding authorization must be obtained from the Sanitary Authority and afterwards from Immigration.
2.Joining and departing crew must have full vaccination scheme completed (two doses) 48 hours prior joining or departing vessel.
3.A sworn statement must be signed.
4.Joining and departing crew that do NOT have the full vaccination scheme must have an antigen test performed not more than 48 hours prior or a PCR test not more than 72 hours prior joining or departing the vessel.
5.Joiner/s must enter Argentina via a “designated safe corridor” (Buenos Aires International Airport).
6.Requests for visas to be issued at Consulates must be presented to Immigration offices, via Agents on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
7.Immigration will issue the requested visas three days after they were requested and deliver on Tuesday and Thursdays for forwarding to Consulates.
Estimated Time for On Signers without needing VISA: 5/7 (five/seven) days
Estimated Time for On Signers needing VISA: 10 (ten) days
Estimated Time for Off Signers: 5 (five) days


(*) Passport Required VISA Full List

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