October 25th – Copper Mining in Argentina

October 25th 2022

Copper Mining in Argentina

Sunday, November 20th and Monday November 21st, Long Weekend

Grains and Markets:

Saudi Arabia has awarded a tender for 566,000 tons of wheat, 8 panamaxes. March and April dates (2023).
Egypt is in the market for 15,000 tons of soya oil and 10,000 tons of sunflowerseed oil, November, or December.
Jordan has purchased 120,000 tons of wheat for December and January dates.

Copper Mining in Argentina:

As can be seen on the map below, there are many mining projects, in varying stages of development or prospecting being worked on in the North Andes region of Argentina.
The project that is most advanced is Agua Rica (nr 3). A possible, optimistic, earliest initiation date would be mid or late 2023. The verified production potential is 7 million tons, and it will use the facilities of Minera Alumbrera for concentration and logistical transport to San Lorenzo for shipment.
El Pachon (nr 8) is prospected at 15 million tons potential and is the largest reported so far.
Josemaria (nr 4) has environmental approval, a big hurdle, and has projected 4 million tons.
Los Azules (nr 6) and Taca Taca (nr 1) are still at early stages of development.
All projects will also produce gold.
Transportation for the copper concentrate is planned to be by rail to Upriver ports.

Stevedores San Lorenzo:

A significant level of unrest remains with the stevedore’s union in San Lorenzo. The strike which had been announced for Monday (yesterday) did not come about but the militant members are on a high state of alert. The cause of unrest is a legal dispute between the union and two of the work contractors.


Strong gusts are forecast over the middle of the week that may affect STS operations.
As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Master’s of the vessels involved.

INA Draft Forecast:
Please find attached the latest updated forecast prepared with information supplied by INA (National Water Institute).

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