October 31st – River Parana draft

October 31st 2021

River Parana draft

In view of the ongoing developing situation and different communications and instructions being issued by Sanitary Authorities of the Argentine Government we have chosen to send a consolidated daily report at the closing of working hours with an update of the day’s news.

National Holiday: Monday, November 22nd, 2021

Grain Markets:
Taiwan has purchased 65 thousand tons of Argentine maize on January shipment dates. Korea in turn has purchased a similar amount of Brazilian maize on the same dates. Other usual destinations are in the market for smaller parcels also during January. Saudi Arabia will be in the market for 655 thousand tons of wheat with shipments January through April.

Flag waivers Argentina/Brazil trade: As we have informed previously the requirement for flag waivers on cargoes carried on trade between Argentina and Brazil (and vice versa) will be lifted as from February 05th 2022. This was needed because of an agreement/treaty in place since the mid-80s. Middle of 2021 the Brazilian Government denounced the treaty and as per the terms agreed it will be lifted as of February 05th 2022.
In the meantime there is no news of alternative or new measures that may be placed by the Argentine Government.

Bunkers in Argentina: At the present time the principal bunker delivery areas in Argentina and the Plate area are Zona Comun and Bouy 11, Bahia Blanca Roads. Bunker suppliers mention that sales are brisk and all are busy. The traders and physical suppliers at Zona Comun are various but Bahia Blanca is monopolized by Trafigura who are the only physical suppliers although they do sell via brokers. The area which is no longer a market is Recalada/Zone Alfa which used to be supplied from Montevideo, Uruguay. The only petroleum refinery in Uruguay in owned by the State run company, Ancap, and it does not produce Very Low Sulphur as required by the maritime market. The fuel oil available from the refinery is High Sulphur and it is sold to the paper mills for their own use.

Crew changes in Argentina/Plate: The Argentine Immigration Department has clarified that boarding crew members must have the following Covid-19 related tests performed in order to enter the country and board vessels:

*Full vaccination performed at lest 14 days prior entry to Argentina

*Negative PCR test performed 72 hours prior first boarding

*Antigen test performed upon arrival at “safe entry corridor” point

So far, the Sanitary Authority have not yet issued any rulings on movement of crewmembers, either in or out.

River Parana draft: The slight improvement in the River Parana draft from Upriver ports is expected to last for a further 9 to 10 days. After that a gradual decrease will bring the River back to the pre-surge levels (closer to 9.25 meters). Further surges can be expected nevertheless. There has been slightly more rainfall than previously over the River Parana catchments area. Please see the weather map below. It is still early days to be able to asses whether this will be a permanent change in the overall patterns.

(*) Values already measured

We urge you to consult prior load completion of vessels bringing inbound cargoes to Upriver ports.

Crew changes made at previous port/s 14 days prior arrival in Argentine ports: Besides many other documents and certificates, these below are of special concern:

-Owner’s Crew changes protocol at foreign countries].

-Owner’s note (with signature and stamp of the Captain and Owners company) clarifying that the crew change was carried out taking all due precautions, etc.

-Medical certificate issued by certified professional in the country where the crew joined, not the country of origin.

-Covid test, PCR, for on-signers at port of boarding (not country of origin).

Lacking any of above (besides all usual documents) pilots will not be allowed to board until a 14 day period is counted starting from the moment the last crew-member has boarded

Will keep you posted.

Best regards,

Antares Servicios Maritimos S.A.

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