September 20th – Upriver Ports & Harvest

September 20th 2020

Upriver Ports & Harvest

In view of the ongoing developing situation and different communications and instructions being issued by Sanitary Authorities of the Argentine Government we have chosen to send a consolidated daily report at the closing of working hours with an update of the day’s news.

National Holidays: Next National Holiday, Monday, October 12th.

River Parana draft: According to the table below the River Paraná water level is expected to improve gradually towards the end of the year. At the moment of the lowest water volume the level at Rosario was measured at 0.60 meters. A longer term outlook indicates that, even without great rain falls in southern Brazil we will be back at a steady level on or about 10.00 meters within six weeks onwards.

Maize and Sunflower: The sowing season for maize is underway. At he moment this report is being prepared 6.4 per cent of the projected area has been sown in Northern Argentina. This will continue until the beginning of 2021. The projected area is 6.4 million hectares, same as for 2019/2020. The overall yield will, as always depend on the weather conditions. These are still early days. The sunflower sowing is also under way with a projected area of 1.4 million hectares, also same or very similar area as the previous season.

Open loop scrubbers:
The San Lorenzo Coast Guard have instructed that all vessels equipped with open loop scrubbers arriving in their jurisdiction be reported to them prior arrival.

Crew changes Argentina: The borders remain closed and crew changes are not permitted. There is talk at the moment that flights in and out of Argentina may be allowed as from early October. Soonest we have news on this we will advise you.

Crew changes Uruguay: On and Off signing crew are allowed entry into the country under very strict restrictions. On signers must have a prior negative Covid 19 test 72 hours prior being allowed entry. Crew members boarding are not allowed to stop at any stage between landing at the airport (Montevideo) and boarding the vessel. Once onboard the vessel they must comply with a 14 day quarantine onboard before being allowed to work. Departing crew must proceed directly from the vessel to the airport. Considering that there are at the moment few international flights these requirements make it very difficult for crew members to enter or leave the country. Additionally to this before a boarding crew member is allowed permit of entry the agreement of Sanitary Authority, Immigration and CoastGuard must be obtained.
The best way of achieving a successful crew change at Uruguay is to have the vessel do this OUTBOUND at Recalada/Montevideo anchorage when the vessel’s schedule is not bound so much by weather and port congestions.

Necochea: The port has closed today September 17th at 1310 hours due to strong winds and high swell.

Necochea: All vessels arriving must comply with a 14 day quarantine. The 14 days are counted from the date of departure from the last foreign port of call, regardless of having Free Practique issued at a previous port of call in Argentina within the 14 day period.

Bahia Blanca: The 14 day quarantine for incoming vessels will be waived for vessels whose last port of call is Brazil. Nevertheless the previous regulation for other last ports of call will remain in place. This quarantine can be excepted if the terminal where the vessel will load produces proof that an earlier berthing is required.

Will keep you posted.

Best regards,
Antares Servicios Maritimos S.A.

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