This is an iron ore loading berth situated near Sierra Grande in Golfo San Matias. After about 15 years of inactivity the government of Rio Negro province gave in concession the Sierra Grande iron mine to Compañía Minera Sierra Grande S.A. for a 20 year period.


By provincial concession, MCC Compania Minera Sierra Grande S.A.- Address: Boca de Mina s/n – CP 8532 – Sierra Grande – Rio Negro Tel/fax (02934) 482038/481855.

Loading equipment and berth:

This consists of a 1500 meter long conveyor belt of which 1000 m juts out seawards supported on pilings. The iron ore loading berth, on the Eastern end of the pilings has 2 pairs of morring dolphins, one pair abreast on the north side and the other on the east side enabling a Vessel to berth either on the northern or the Eastern pair of dolphins. Suitable for vessels up to LOA 250.

Reported depth alongside:

Eastern dolphins 13,70 m (45ft) low wáter. Norther dolphins 12,70 m(42ft) low wáter. Vessels up to 70000ddwt have loaded.The dolphins on either berth are set approximately 65 meters apart and are fitted with 2 bollards and a capstan for the reception of back springs. There are mooring buoys laid ahead. All berth gear was refitted during 2005/2006.The máximum loading rate is 2000TPH. The conveyor belt at its extremity is fitted with a platform and an auxiliary belt, capable of rotating through 178 degrees, moving horizontally 31 meters and giving a 42 meter outreach to serve either berth.

Local communications:

Punta Colorada Prefectura naval radio (coastguard) L4T – W/T on VHF on ch 16.