There is a small settlement around this port in the province of Río Negro. For the time being the main commercial and administrative services are based in San Antonio Oeste (15.000 inhabitants), on the other side of the bay, some 60 km by road. It has good highway connection with the upper Río Negro valley, the main apple and pear producing area in the country. The closest airport is in Viedma (175 km away) which serves domestic flights by shuttle connections. Another option is Trelew (360 km away) with daily flights to Buenos Aires.

Port general description:

The port of San Antonio Este is located on the north coast of Punta Villarino. A glen of great depth, protected from winds, clear and quiet waters, this harbor is connected to the San Matías Gulf through a channel between Reparo and Lobo banks. The pier, owned by the Provincial Port Authority, was given in concession to Terminal De Servicios Portuarios Patagonia Norte S.A. for a period of 30 years, against a yearly canon. Main export products are fruit from the Alto Valle del Río Negro, taking advantage of the government policy to grant export rebates on cargoes from Patagonian ports. Exports during 2011: fruit 395.000 tons and juice 54.900 tons. A total of 65 fishing vessels called at this port with a total movement of 3.300 tons.

Description of berths:

There are 4 berths. Two on the pier for ocean going vessels and, in addition, a floating landing stage adjoining the causeway, for fishing vessels, provides two further berths.


Nº 1 (outer) berth. Max LOA permitted 170 meters
Nº 2 (inner) berth. Max LOA permitted 147 meters (one tug required)

NOTE: These LOA limits, on favourable occasions, have been exceeded with special local PNA permission; largest vessel to berth to date was LOA 170 meters. High winds can restrict entry/sailing.
Nº 3 (outer) Max LOA 70 m, or LOA 110 m if fitted with bow thruster and tug assistance.
Nº 4 (inner) Max LOA 70 m.


The anchorage and pilot station at Lat 40º 53´54´´S Long 064º 52´48´´W is about 6/7 miles SW from the entrance. Within the port area and in case need vessels awaiting berth or tide are permitted to anchor 3 cables west of the western end of the pier (Lat. 40º 47´49´´,5 S Long. 64º 53´52´´). Depths: The depth on the bar is about 2,7 m (8´8´´) at datum. The maximum draft is limited to the height of the tide plus 1,2 meters -maximum sailing draft is about 11 m (36 ft)-and vessels normally enter or sail within two hours of high water.


Compulsory and available at all times. 48 hour notice required via agents.


During the fruit season one tug 1920 HP is hired by the port operators to assist vessels using the inner berth.

Berth assignment:

Arrivals must be informed with at least 5 days pre-advice and confirmed 48 hours prior to ships ETA. Berthing is subject to cargo availability and documentation readiness plus Port Administration regulations.


One dockside crane SWL 27 ton with 17 meters radius and 16 ton at 30 meters radius with a deduction of 9,5 meters to be made for distance from center of crane to ship´s side. Two mobile cranes of about maximum 50 ton SWL.


Port Administration has depots of about 2130 sqpm. Open storage also available.

Cold stores / storage area:

Eighteen modern cold stores have been built adjacent to the port for the reception of fruit prior to loading with total storage capacity of 4800 sqm. The terminal also has a 25.000 sqm storage area, including warehousing for the preparation, storage of containers and pallets.


40 plugs.

Loading rates:

Frozen fish …………….. 80/100 MT/8 hour shift per gang
Fruit …………………… 550 pallets per 8 hour shift per gang

Local communications:

San Antonio Este Prefectura Naval Radio (Coastguard) call sign L4W VHF ch. 8, 12, 14 and 16. San Antonio Oeste Prefectura Naval Radio call sign L4V VHF ch. 8, 12, 14 and 16. Pilots operate on VHF channels 9 and 16. Nearest coastal radio station is Bahía Blanca. Call sign LPW.

Business Hours:

Port Administration………………. 0800/1800
Coastguard………………………. 24 hs
Customs house0…………………… 700/1900
Stevedores………………………. 0700/1500, 1500/2300 all others overtime
Banks…………………………… 0800/1300

Local holiday

10th July (San Antonio Oeste´s foundation Anniversary).


Rooms only. Small hotels available at nearby town of San Antonio Oeste.

Medical aid:

A rural hospital and a private clinic are available at San Antonio Oeste.


Can be supplied by truck using berth´s pipelines (4 inches), provided same are contracted via brokers as locally none available. Usually bunkers come from Bahía Blanca. Arrangements require at least 3 working days notice. Delivery is subject to Coastguard approval, which normally not permitted during cargo operations.


Available for underwater inspections.


The berths are fitted with fixed fenders. A tidal range of between 20 to 30 feet must be allowed for.

Fresh water:

Available at quays, delivery rate about 10 TPH.


At quays, 380 Volt.

Gangway watchmen:

Obligatory for all foreign flag vessels over 2000 GRT. Apart from their specific wages a travelling allotment must be paid to cover travelling expenses to and from San Antonio Oeste.


Port Administration has placed refuse skips on quay.


Summer, see ILLC.


Available, including two suitable for attending in roads.


Small workshop available in San Antonio Oeste. Minor jobs can be attended.


Normal quantities can be supplied. Common stores can be obtained in San Antonio Oeste town.


Regular bus service from San Antonio Oeste, north to Bahía Blanca/Buenos Aires, south to Río Gallegos/Ushuaia and intermediate cities on highway Nº3. Daily Air transport to Buenos Aires from Viedma (distance 180 km) or Trelew (distance 360 km). San Antonio Oeste airport, served weekly by airforce passenger planes, can be used for light chartered aircraft.