This city is in the south of the province of Santa Fe has a population of 21.000 and there are several farm related industries and ports. It is 32 km away from Rosario and it is connected with the rest of the country through the Buenos Aires/Santa Fe freeway. The NCA railway line goes through the city and the closest airport is at Rosario, with domestic and international flights. (IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT AS PER NORMAL AND CUSTOMARY PRACTICE THIS AREA IS CONSIDERED TO BE INCLUDED WITHIN THE ROSARIO PORT RANGE.)


Anchorage for vessels awaiting berth is between kms 394,7 -398,3, left margin, as permitted by Coastguard; usually maximum four vessels. Maneuvering zones are at kms 398,3 – 393,3 for vessels sailing downriver and at kms 394,0 – 394,7 for vessels arriving from upriver ports.

Slops / Sludge:

By barge, with Coastguard permission.