Owned by Bunge. Berth consists of four dolphins made of reinforced concrete, giving a total mooring frontage of 165 m, with two shore mooring points fore and aft. Depth alongside 15 m; this berth is suitable for vessels up to LOA 270 m, beam 42 m. Four towers stepped on dolphins, supports four loading arms, feed by two conveyor belts for grain and by-products dispatch at a loading rate of: grain 2×1500 TPH, by-products 2×1000 TPH, or two different products simultaneously. A new berth at the premises suitable for vessels up to LOA 223 m, depth alongside 11,10 m (36 ft) to datum, is dedicated to unload grains or fertilizers from barges and unload fertilizers from vessels; berth consists of three reinforced concrete dolphins and two mooring towers, provided with cone fenders on each dolphin; the grab crane, feeding hoppers and conveyor belts are supported and connected to shore by 5 dolphins; fertilizers unload rate 300/500 TPH. Grain storage capacity of 325.000 tons; fertilizers 120.000 tons. A truck parking area and seed quality control, can handle more than 1000 trucks. Annual export capacity abt 1 million tons.