Terminal for grain, by products, vegoil. Berth: 4 reinforced concrete dolphins; overall berth frontage approximately 150 m with outlying head/stern mooring dolphins suitable for vessels of around 230 m LOA. Depth alongside reportedly 12,20 m (40 ft) at datum, air clearance 22 m at datum. Cargo transferred to loading gallery by twin inclined belts. Loading gallery supported on 4 towers stepped adjacent to dolphins. Two products loaded simultaneously via 2 telescopic chutes, outreach 20 m. Loadrate grain 2400 TPH; by products 1600 TPH. Storage capacity grain 335.000 ton. Reception grain ex trucks 850 TPH; wagons 400 TPH. Parking for 800 trucks, railway siding for 40 wagons. Berth fitted with 2×8´´ vegoil pipelines giving loading rate up to 900 TPH. Oil storage capacity 34.000 tons.
Located 650 metres upriver, a new pier 100 m long with 2 outlying mooring dolphins is under construction, provided with a rail mobile grab for discharge fertilizers to a new constructed cell 75.000 tons capacity (a second cell is planned , same capacity); also for unload grain from barges; pipelines to be provided at pier will allow loading operations for vegoil and biodiesel to ocean going vessels. Expected to be operational ending 2012.
Working hours: M/F 06:00/12:00, 12:00/18:00. Sat 06:00/12:00. Otherwise overtime.
Annual exports capacity abt 3 Million tons.