Puerto Fertilizante Quebracho (Mosaic Fertilizantes)

Owned by Mosaic S.A. fertilizers, branch of Cargill, this terminal is situated immediately south of Quebracho grain terminal. The berth consists of 3 dolphins offering a berthing front of 130 m with 2 outlying mooring towers, giving an overall length of 270 m, depth alongside 9,5 m (29´7) at datum; fresh water and electric power available at pier; fitted with hoppers and conveyor belts to permit grab discharge of fertilizers to a 158.000 tons capacity deposit; discharge rate 500 tons/h. As per Coastguard (PNA) regulations, the berth is suitable for vessels of maximum LOA 210 m and 42.000 ton displacement. Annual cargo movement abt. 500.000 tons of Urea and other fertilizers.