Private berth owned by Terminal 6 S.A.

a) North Berth:

Slightly up-river from the older South berth, this berth was built originally to attend the unloading of river barges carrying bulk cargo from up river ports using grab discharge, and in 1998 a new berth was built parallel towards the channel leaving a 23 meters wide gap for barge operation. Tugboat assistance is not required. Berth details: 4 dolphins with 161 m berthing front and two outlying mooring dolphins. Maximum LOA 270 m; depth alongside 12,20 m (40 ft); air clearance 25 m at datum. This berth is connected to the terminal by two belt conveyors, feeding (3) three loading arms with spoon trimmers, which allows two products to be handled simultaneously directly from silo, truck or wagons, at a loading rate of up to 1200 TPH grain and 1000 by-products, per loading line. For vegoil, 1 x 12´´ diameter provides a load rate of 500 TPH.

b) South Berth:

In operation as from 1987 offering a berthing front of 155 m afforded by 4 dolphins together with 2 outlying dolphins for bow and stern moorings, depth alongside 12,20 m (40 ft), air clearance at datum 21 m. Cape size vessels load here.
Tugboat assistance is not required. Grain and by-products are loaded at this berth via 2 feeder lines and 4 loading arms which allow 2 products to be handled simultaneously directly from silo, trucks or wagons at a loading rate of about 800 TPH by-products and 1000 TPH grain per loading line. At this berth, 1 x 12´´ pipeline for biodiesel is available, load rate 500 TPH; there are 4 biodiesel tanks at the premises.
Grain storage capacity 1.160.000 tons, 410.000 for by-products on 15 cells and 15 silos, all interconnected. Reception rates daily: 40.000 tons from trucks, 26.000 tons from wagons, 10.000 tons from barge. Oil storage capacity is 110.500 tons in 38 vegoil tanks. Has 4 biodiesel tanks with a total storage capacity of 34.000 tons (8500 tons each).
Parking area for about 700 trucks. Fitted with railway sidings capable of handling 135 loaded and 60 empty wagons and interconnected with national railway line. Distance 11km to National Highway #9.
Berth assignment according to Terminal 6´s schedule based on vessel´s arrival at Zona Común, normally with notice of 15 days in advance for FOB shipments, Shippers´ notice 10 days and Ship´s ETA 3 days.
Terminal working time from Monday 06:00 up to Saturdays 14:00. Can operate during weekend with O/T payment.
This terminal can handle an annual total of abt 12 million tons for export of grain and by-products; vegoil 1,7 million tons.