Operators are Delegación Portuaria Bonaerense (D.P.B.).This is a solid reinforced concrete quay, 537 m long, 40 m wide and equipped with 6 good dockside luffing cranes of 20-27 ton SWL, with11 grabs of 1-10,5 cbm capacity. Additional equipment includes 2 mobile cranes 7-30 ton SWL; 4 f/l trucks 7-10 ton SWL and 2 diesel railway shunting engines. At the rear of the quay and at its mid point, Messrs Servicios Portuarios have built 4 grain silos, total 21.000 ton capacity, which, via a series of loading arms and portable conveyor belts can load vessels berthed alongside, average load rate about 800 TPH. In addition to grain, bulk exports from the Puerto Nuevo berth include zinc concentrate and other minerals, whilst imports include steel slabs, profiles and billets. There is a very large open storage space adjacent to the quay which has been used to temporarily store both bulk cargoes and containers. Additionally: Profertil (fertilizer plant) operates from this quay. Storage capacity 45.000 ton solid and 22.500 liquid fertilizers; Discharge rate 350 TPH (solid) and 600 TPH liquid. PAMSA (Alcohol-by and wine products) has two pipelines from nearby tanks of 33.000 cbm capacity, total loadrate 400.000 litres/h.