Owned by SACEIF Louis Dreyfus. The berth consists of Four dolphins made of reinforced concrete, giving a frontage of 100 metres, with outlying mooring points for and aft. Depth alongside 10m (33ft). Three towers stepped at the dolphins, supports three loading arms with dust supressors, connected to shore by a conveyour belt, airdraft 28 m to datum; 1×8´´ and 1×6´´ diameter vegoil pipelines; average load rate grain 1800 TPH, vegoil 800 TPH. Storage capacity: grain/by products 285.000 ton, oil 44.500 tons. About 150 meters upriver from this berth, there is a new barge pier, 140 m long; one conveyor belt connects berth to silos, discharge grains at a rate of 900 TPH. Bunkers /sloops by barge; no fresh water.