South Pampa Ports

Port general description

This region of the country is in direct contact with the sea and along the Buenos Aires seaboard there are three sea ports which transfer cargoes to and from the region. The potential region served by these ports covers approximately 16% of the country’s area. The provinces that integrate the region are: central/southern La Pampa and central/southern Buenos Aires. Approximately 4,3 million people (about 9% of the total population) live in this region. There are some large cities in the region, such as Tandil with a population of 117.000, Santa Rosa, 111.0000, Bahía Blanca, 317.000, Mar del Plata, 626.000.
The region has a vast cargo transport infrastructure which is constantly modernized to satisfy the increasing demand. A network of national and provincial highways crisscrosses the region connecting the centers of production and consumption with the sea ports. The railway network also offers a good regional coverage fanning out of Bahía Blanca, which is the southernmost railway node in Argentina. There is one international airport (Mar del Plata), and 4 public paved airstrips.