Nearby Puerto Rosales, off Punta Ancla and Punta Cigueña and adjacent to channel buoys 19 and 21 are two SPM buoys used by tankers discharging and loading crude oil to and from the adjacent EBYTEN SA tank farm and/or pipeline for domestic distribution. The farm´s total capacity for crude oil, vegoil and fetilizers is 480.000 cbm in 18 tanks. The buoys are served by 30´´ pipelines permitting loading rates of about 4000 cbm/h and unloading rates of about 2800 cbm/h. Depth at the buoys is about 20 m, however drafts are governed by channel depths, and presently maximum draft permitted is 12,20 m. Deadweight limitation at Punta Cigueña buoy is 106.000 ton, and 67.500 tons at Punta Ancla. Pilots not required if draft < 8,20 m and the vessel has Argentine recognized crew. In all other cases compulsory. Vessel DWT > 70.000, pilot and tug tied at stern required during operations. Speed of current up to 2 knots.