This is the principal Argentine Naval Base. It consists of an anteport and basin, at the end of which floating and drydocks are located. The entrance channel about 2 miles above Punta Cigueña is 1,7 miles long, 150 meters wide and dredged to about 9,15 m at datum. Measurements of the two dry docks are: Nº1 220 m x 22 m, Nº2 234 m x 35 m. Unlimited naval, electronic and electrical repairs available at the Naval Base. Vessels in transit off the naval base must be prepared to dip their ensigns as necessary. Masters are warned occasional gunnery practice takes place from coastal batteries and care is necessary when navigating or anchoring within security zones and regard should be had to any warnings given. The Prefectura Naval (Coastguard) notify ships in good time if practices are due to take place and pilots are, of course, familiar with the corresponding signals.