Extension of Terminales Quequén Elevator berth with 110 m frontage. Construction is paved quay with continuous frontage on pilings. Fitted with fenders but care required on berthing vessels with overhanging bridge wings. Fitted with outlying bollards and berth can accommodate vessels of 230m LOA. Depth alongside 11,90 m (39 ft) at datum. Airdraft is 14 m. Elevator loading gallery fitted with 2 belts. Total maximum loadrate 1200/1400 TPH (grain). Telescopic chutes, 7 with 17 m outreach. Grain and agri by-products can also be loaded direct from quay ex wagons/trucks using portable conveyor belts. Maximum loadrate 200 TPH per belt. Railway lines are fitted on berth and rail as well as road transport can be used to supply the elevator. See restrictions regarding high tension power lines. Note: At elevator berths vessels loading close to 12,20 m (40 ft), when necessary, sit on bottom, which is soft mud.