Caleta Olivia is the northernmost city in the province of Santa Cruz, it has a population of about 43.000 and oil extraction is its main activity. Even though there is some commercial and financial activity here, being close to Comodoro Rivadavia (80 km away) many services are based there. It is located on Highway Nº 3, which connects it with the main towns. The closest airport is in Comodoro Rivadavia. This city also serves the new port of Caleta Paula, some 3,5 km south. This cove is about 55 nautical miles south of Comodoro Rivadavia.

TERMAP S.A. buoy (Terminales Marítimas Patagónicas): Loading is from a SPM buoy (CALM type) located at 46º 25´ 36´´ S and 67º 28´ 32´´ W in 138 feet of water at low tide, receiving crude oil via floating line from deposits of 255.800 cbm capacity. The buoy, connected to shore via 36´´ pipeline 3100 m long, is 5 m high, 12 m diameter and painted yellow, in depth about 34 m (110´). It is fitted with a fog horn and all round yellow light; average loading rate of 4800 cbm per hour; floating hoseline is 36´´, with a 16´´ connector. This buoy is used by vessels of minimum 39000 DWT, maximum 150.000 DWT, maximum bow draft allowed 18,00 m (59´) Yearly movement about 7,5 million cbm.