Austral Marine Basin Nº 2 (CAM2. Hidra/Carina Field):The Hidra field is located 13 km offshore from Cullen and north of San Sebastián; the field forms part of the concession being exploited by Total Austral and Hidra is the first off shore oil field to come on stream in Argentine waters. The Hidra complex consists of two fixed wellhead platforms, Hidra North and Hidra Center, interconnected by submarine pipe-line and similarly interconnected from Hidra Center to the processing and storage terminal on shore at Cullen. Oil, gas and water are pumped ashore for processing and the oil is thereafter stored/returned toa SPM buoy for tanker loading operations.

Location/details of Off Shore Platforms/SPM buoy:
Hidra north 52º49´142´´S 68 º 13´15,4´´W
Hidra center 52º50´11,5´´S 68 º 10´50,5´´W
SPM buoy 52º48´11,8´´S 68º13´29,6´´W

The SPM buoy (CALM type) is 4,4 m high, 10 m diameter painted orange and fitted with an all round white light, emits fog signal “U”, and lies in 30 meter of water. Load rate is 1500 cbm/h. Min/Max permitted dwts: 18.000 – 150.000 ton. Pipeline is 22´´, loading hose 2×12´´. There is no ballast line.

The Total Austral Loading Master also acts as Pilot and boards on arrival. Coastguard, Customs and Immigration authorities are based at Río Grande.
In addition to the above, a sub-sea well denominated ASM-I (ARGO) with pipeline connection to Hidra center has been established at Lat 53º 43´40´´S Long 68º 12´52´´W. The sub-sea well is unmarked and anchorage is prohibited within one mile of the well and the pipe-line connection to Hidra Center.

Prohibited anchorage zone: a) 52º 50´S 68º 25´W
b) 52º 55,7´S 68º 19´W
c) 52º 50,7´S 68º 06,6´W
d) 52º 45,4´S 68º 12,4´W

Annual loading operations at the buoy is about 800.000 tons, almost all being exported.
Vessels loading at the buoy, may, depending on circumstances, also load at Punta Loyola or Caleta Olivia/Córdova.
The nearest city is Río Grande about 140 km (80 km paved and 60 gravel) distance to the south via highway Nº 3.